Piers Morgan Cancelled: How Does This Affect You?


Ok Pete, I know Piers Morgan got cancelled.

But what does that have to do with me?

My answer?


Hello and welcome to my latest blog post here on my personal blog.

As you are well aware Piers Morgan was cancelled this week for calling Meghan Markle a liar.

Fundamentally that is what he did.

He said he did not believe a word that came out of her mouth.

And for this he was cancelled.

You can be cancelled too!

And you are just as likely to be cancelled if you so much as question a woman’s rather obvious lies.

In reverse?

Any woman can publicly, falsely, call you a rapist or a paedophile.

And she will get a hearing all the way up to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee if you have been nominated for a seat on the US Supreme Court.

This is what women meant by equality.

They can falsely call you a rapist and a paedophile.

You can’t call them liars in return.

That will cost you your job.

And you won’t get any unemployment either.

You will be on the street, living under a bridge, as I very nearly was.

What most people on my email list don’t know is I was subjected to cancel culture more than 10 years ago now.

I was doxxed in 2010.

I was falsely accused of being a rapist, a paedophile, a wife beater, and a child abuser as well as many other unsavory things.

I have been falsely accused of these things for more than a decade now.

And that makes it hard for me to earn an income.

Gentlemen, cancel culture has been around for decades.

Tens of thousands of men have lost their jobs due to false allegations by women.

It is only now that it is happening to prominent men like Brett Kavanaugh and Piers Morgan that you are noticing.


How bad is cancel culture now and why should you take notice?

You can now get your linked in account taken down for giving an honest answer to a womans question.

It is now the official written policy of Microsoft, worlds largest software company, that if a woman asks you a question and you answer it honestly, and if she does not like the answer?

That is “harassment” and “abuse”.

You can lose your linkedin account for that.

Even further.

This week I got two strikes on two different you tube accounts for hosting a speech Matt Gaetz made in the US Congress.

I want to be clear.

I did not add commentary to the speech.

The speech was published on the C-Span channel.

I copied it whole, with no alterations, from C-Span.

I published it on two channels I have because it is of interest to my subscribers.

We discussed the speech in the comments.

So cancel culture now extending to you tube issuing strikes against channels where a C-span video of an elected US Congressman giving a speech inside the US Congress building is not to You Tubes liking.

This is where we are today Gentlemen.

And it’s not going to end here.

This is going to get worse before it gets better.

If you use linkedin or you tube or any of the major social media channels to maintain your public presence?

You too could be subject to cancellation.

And that could cost you money.

So what can you do to take out an “insurance policy” against your cancellation?

1. Create You Own Blog Site.

In todays business world it is absolutely essential that you create your own blog.

Yes, you can have a company blog if you are a company owner.

But if you are a BI professional like me, or similar?

You are very well advised to have your own blog and NOT rely on linkedin to be linked to people.

The web hosting I use is Everleap.

I am a personal friend of the owner there.

I have been with them for 15 years.

He does not entertain “cancel culture”.

He will not take your blog down without a court order from a californian court.

If you want a web site that will NOT be taken down?

You can get your personal wordpress web hosting on the button below.

EverLeap Trial

2. Get A Get Response Account.

If you are relying on social media to keep in touch with people?

You risk being cancelled as I have been cancelled.

As no less that Donald J Trump has been cancelled.

If you want to make SURE you can directly talk to all the people you want to talk to?

You are well advised to get your own Get Response account.

Don’t get MailChimp.

They are well known to cancel people based on the flimsiest of false accusations.

Get Response will not cancel your account as long as you use it professionally.

You can get yourself a Get Response account on the button below.

GetResponse Trial


Finally, if you buy your personal or company web hosting and Get Response accounts from my links?

I will offer the arrangement of technical support for you for USD10 per hour.

This will be a limited time offer.

The date today is 2021-03-13 and this offer may expire at any time.

For those who have not purchased their hosting and Get Response on my links?

I can offer technical support for USD15 per hour.

I can offer this through my partners who are based in low cost countries.

Gentlemen, for the single site plan with Everleap and 1,000 email addresses in your Get Response account?

You will be paying about USD40 per month depending on your taxes.

That is a very cheap insurance policy to be able to own your own property on the internet where no one can take down your posts and no one can stop you from emailing your contacts.

Of course, as you gain more contacts on your Get Response account? You will pay a little more.

Using Get Response you can send an email to everyone who is on your list in about 2 minutes, plus the time to write the email.

You can schedule your emails.

You can create auto responders and email sequences among many other things.

GetResponse is the perfect tool to “keep in touch” with all your contacts.

In the age of cancel culture?

The #1 way you should be talking to your contacts is via email.

With email you KNOW your contacts will get your message.

And you can even see who opens your emails and who clicks on which links!

So Gentlemen,

I would encourage you to take out your own insurance policy against cancel culture today.

Stake out your small corner of the internet with your name in the domain name.

Create your own blog.

And keep in touch with your contacts via Get Response.

Just like I do.


Best Regards

Peter Andrew Nolan.

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