Open Letter to FTC Regarding Digital Altitude By Peter Nolan


Open Letter to:

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Dear Sirs / Madams,

This letter is an open letter from me, the man called Peter-Andrew: Nolan(C).

My PhotoThis open letter is in regard to the Federal Trade Commission Temporary Restraining Order against Digital Altitude and associated owners and companies. The links for the documents that have been provided by the Receiver to Digital Altitude Re-sellers are here.


All quotes from these documents will be listed as quotes and, since I have replicated the documents to my site you can download them from there if you wish to do so again.

So please allow me to take quotes directly from these documents. I will also explain why each statement is false.

The issue I have with the Federal Trade Commission and the people involved in the obstruction of my business is that there are claims in these documents that are false.

If Digital Altitude Employees have been engaging in unlawful or illegal behaviour then wonderful that the Federal Trade Commission is doing the job the tax payer is paying them to do.

However, if the Federal Trade Commission has attacked an innocent party based on lies then, obviously, the people who performed what would be criminal acts are personally liable and the Federal Trade Commission itself would be liable for having allowed its employees to commit crimes.

So any compensation that would be due to victims of crimes which can not be made by the individuals who committed the crimes would be required to be paid by the Federal Trade Commission. And since the Federal Trade Commission is a wholly owned subsidiary of the United States of Americal the funds to pay compensation are, for all intents and purposes, limitless.

As a law abiding man the question I have for the addressees is this.

If Digital Altitude Owners or Employees have been committing illegal or unlawful acts, why is it that you have chosen to lie in your documents filed to the court? Why can’t you just provide the evidence you have of those criminal acts to the public?

After all, the vast majority of the Digital Altitude sales materials and training materials are video recorded. Surely you could quote from these materials the statements that are criminal in nature. Right?

Instead of quoting literal statements from the video recordings which you have access to you have, instead, chosen to paraphrase the statements falsely and make false statements and attribute those false statements to Michael Force and then to enter those false statements as “evidence”.

Of course, this is not lawful.

You can not lawfully falsely paraphrase a man and claim he said what you falsely paraphrased and attribute the lie to the man in question. That is called slander when done and not under oath and it is called perjury when done under oath.

I will presume, for the purposes of this letted, that the documents linked were given to the court under oath. Because if the documents were provided to the court not under oath they have no standing in law and should have been dismissed as heresay based on nothing.

So, I will select out some of the statements I know to be knowing lies and false.

I have decided to put next to each statement why this statement is false. This does mean I am repeating myself a little but repetition is the mother of learning.

The following Statements are from the Temporary Restraining Order.

“In numerous instances, Defendants operate an online enterprise, falsely representing to consumers that they will earn large sums of money if they join the Digital Altitude or “Aspire” program.”


The “Aspire” course is clearly marked as the first 18 steps of training inside Digital Altitude. This training is available for $US37 per month as part of the lowest entry level membership price.

The $US37 per month training also provides access to the Asprire members facebook group in which there are many other Aspire members present. At the time of writing there were 14,950 members of this facebook group.

In the Aspire course there is no claim that simply taking this course will guarantee the consumer will make $100,000 in the next 90 days. If you claim that this claim is made anywhere else you are going to have to present the evidence to the public. All income claims inside Digital Altitude training inform the consumer about what is POSSIBLE not what “WILL” happen. Michael Force, as far as I am aware, has never guaranteed what “WILL” happen in the future as he has little control of the future like any other mortal man.

Indeed, simply by buying the “Aspire” training course it is not possible to make any money since the consumer must choose to buy the Affiliate Membership at the price of $17 per month before s/he will be given access to the online sales funnels and qualify for commissions for any products at all.

So, it is simply false to claim that anyone at Digital Altitude would credibly claim that membership of the Aspire leve membership would enable them to earn “large sums of money” with no other investment. Provably a false claim and so it must be a lie since it is so clearly false.

This statement is false and it is presented in a section headed “Findings of Fact” so this is perjury if the document was signed under oath.

“Defendants tell consumers they can earn “six figures online in the next 90 days or less””

False. No one at Digital Altitude tells anyone that they can earn $100,000 or more in 90 days or less that I am aware of. I was not told this. I have never heard of anyone else being told this. I have never heard of anyone in Digital Altitude saying this.

You are going to have to provide evidence of who said this, where, when, how and to whom.

What is said, many, many times over is words to this effect.

If the member buys up to the top level of the products, a total cost of more than $60,000, AND buys a significant amount of traffic, AND works dilligently over the next 90 days doing their Aspire, Base and RISE training programs, AND work with their coaches THEN IT IS POSSIBLE to create a “six figure income”.

A “six figure income” is earning money at the rate of $100,000 PER YEAR.

To get to a “six figure income” a person has to earn an average of $8,000 per month for a period of 12 months.

Of course, as with all businesses, some months may be better than other months and one also expects that in the early months of a business you will earn less than you will earn, say, 6-8 months later.

What the sales materials of Digital Altitude tell the consumer, of which I am one, is that if they have 3 months full time at 40 hours per week, and about $80,000 dollars, to invest in a new business they COULD reasonably expect to earn in the order of $8,000 a month after 90 days.

Of course, in months 4 or 5 the amount could be zero or little.

What is in the sales materials is that if the consumer works dilligently at their business for the next 15 or 16 months and had the finances to invest $80,000 up front and also buy traffic along the way, THEN it is reasonable to expect a return of $100,000 over that 15 or 16 months and that this return will continue on after that time to make a profitable business.

This is no different to the business case for, say, a Subways Franchise. Though, with Subways, the investment is far higher, the work load far higher, the level of profit far lower and the likelyhood of success far lower.

Indeed, in the Aspire Training you will hear Michael Force say, over and over, that the rate at which businesses close in the USA is very high and there are no guarantees about opening a business. There is just increasing the odds you will be successful.

The addressees are welcome to go and listen to the Aspire Training.

If you are not willing to do that, here is a direct quote from Aspire Training Step 1, Page 1. It is a quote from Michael Force and it is the very first thing a consumer will read in the Aspire Training.

“Yet when I finally cracked the code I went from an income of only $700 per month to an income of well over six figures in just 90 days”.

“to an income of well over six figures in just 90 days” means “it took me 90 days to learn what I needed to learn and implement what I needed to implement” to get to an INCOME RATE of $8,000 per month.

It does NOT mean that Michael Force earned $100,000 in those 90s days. It means he learned how to get to an average income of $8,000 PER MONTH in those 90 days.

I would add that right before that statement, in the PDF, is this statement.

“There were many grueling and frustrating years of banging my head against the wall, trying to learn “what works” in an online business. and figuring out what went wrong.”

So right there, in Step 1, Page 1, in the 3rd introduction paragraph above the line the consumer is told that Michael struggled FOR YEARS to make money online and was earning about $700 per month after YEARS of struggle.

He then says he learned a way to go from $700 per month to $8,000 per month. That is what he said on Step 1 Page 1 of the Aspire training.

Now, that PDF is available or anyone at the FTC to read. That is what is meant by a “six figure income” and everyone in the online industry knows that when they talk “income” they mean annual income unless they say “per month” or some other period. The default is “per year”.

Now, the interesting thing in the document submitted to the court is that the words are placed in quote. As follows.

“six figures online in the next 90 days or less”

By placing the words in quotes the authors of the document are attributing a quote to Digital Altitude Staff. And yet there is no reference for the quote. Where did it come from? Who said it? When?

It is normal, in all business correspondence, and all literary work, that when a quote is provided there is a source reference for the quote.

Why is there no source reference for this quote? Because the quote is a paraphrasing and a lie.

Look at what I did. I quoted Apsire Step 1 PDF, Page, 1, 3rd paragraph. I tell the addressees exactly where they can find the quote I am quoting if they want to find it for themselves.

And on that page it clearly tells the consumer that making money online can be very hard and that Michael was able to get to an earning rate of $8,000 per month after years of effort, plus 90 days. It does not claim he made $100K in 90 days and does not promise the consumer they will make $100K in 90 days.

“There is good cause to believe that Defendants have engaged in and are likely to engage in acts or practices that violate Section 5(a) of the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. § 45(a), and that Plaintiff is therefore likely to prevail on the merits of this action.”

I would personally wonder how there is “good cause to believe” anything when the preceeding statement in a “Findings of Fact” contains two lies in one paragraph which are the basis of this “good cause to believe”.

Who teaches you lawyers to write lies like this?

“There is good cause to believe that immediate and irreparable harm will result from Defendants’ ongoing violations of the FTC Act unless Defendants are restrained and enjoined by order of this Court.”

I find this statement very interesting. In the previous statement the wording “good cause to believe” is used with respect to “have engaged in and are likely to engage in”. And yet, in this very next paragraph the wording is “will result from Defendants’ ongoing violations of the FTC Act”.

This sentence is presented as a statement of fact. That defendants are engaged in ongoing violations of the FTC Act. Yet, just one paragraph earlier it was “good reason to believe”, not a statement of fact, and that “good reason to believe” was based on a quote that was not sourced or attributed and is known to be false. Known to be a lie. And a statement that will be perjury if this document was entered as evidence under oath.

I find it very interesting that in just 3 paragraphs a statement which is known to be false, which is provably false and rebutted by a quote on the very first page of the training refered to, some how transitions to “good reason to believe” in the next paragraph and to a “fact” in the paragraph after that.

It must be lovely to be a lawyer in the US where such lies morph so quickly and can be presented to a judge who will not throw the lawyer in jail for perjury.

One thing that is sure is that a temporary restraining order DID cause immediate and irreparable harm to those consumers, like me, who were already members of the Aspire Program and the higher level training. And should this immediate and irreparable harm be proven to be based on perjury then those who committed the perjury, and the judge, and the FTC itself, will be open to prosecution in a common law court. And we have those common law courts available to us.

“F. Good cause exists for appointing a temporary receiver over the Receivership Entities, freezing Defendants’ assets, permitting the Plaintiff and the Receiver immediate access to the Defendants’ business premises, and permitting the Plaintiff and the Receiver to take expedited discovery.”

“Good cause” exists based on lies now? Hm?

“G. Weighing the equities and considering Plaintiff’s likelihood of ultimate success on the merits, a temporary restraining order with an asset freeze, the appointment of a temporary receiver, immediate access to business premises, expedited discovery, and other equitable relief is in the public interest.”

Even if we just consider the USA, there are 350 million people in the USA and about 15,000 members in Digital Altitude. The extrapolation that closing down Digital Altitude is “in the public interest” is so ludicrous I can barely believe it has been written on a court filing in the US.

No one who is a consumer at Digital Altitude was ever exposed to the risk of bodily harm or damage like, say, a passenger in a car that has faulty brakes. And yet, this vastly hyperbolous statement that this small company has to be shut down because it is “in the public interest” is here.

Just to make it clear. We are not doing something like building a bridge at a Florida University that if it falls will kill people. Which just happened by the way. We are selling training which helps people become internet marketers. “In the public interest” in this context is one of the most hyperbolic statements I have ever seen.

As Goebells said “if you make the lie big enough people will believe it”. Well I do not believe Digital Altitude was in any way committing actions that would be against “the public interest” when compared to say, building bridges that kill people when they fall, or the recent case of Ford recalling 1.4 million cars because the steering wheel was coming off in the drivers hands as s/he was driving some of these cars.

Let’s get a little perspective here as to what is “in the public interest”. Ok?

You might also write “it is in the best interests of women and children” which would make about as much sense. Ok?

This statement, claiming that that weighing the equities and equitable relief is “in the public interest” is laughable and ridiculous when about 15,000 members of the public are involved and no physical harm is possible from the product.

The very fact this statement is here to pretent to give support to the need to shut down Digital Altitude indicates, to me at least, that the authors of this document knew they were lying and that the judge who agreed with this document knew the document contained lies.

Because this statement is totally, completely and utterly ridiculous.


The following statements are from the Receivers First Report and Inventory.

Page 11


A. The Receiver Has Suspended Operations As, In The Receiver’s Business Judgment, The Receiver Currently Believes That The Business Cannot Be Operated Legally And Profitably

“The primary enticement and benefit offered to consumers in exchange for them doing business with the Receivership Entities is the representation that they may make $100,000 or more in 90 days.””

False. This is a lie. There is no claim that consumers might make $100,000 or more in 90 days made in any of the videos or documentation that form the Aspire Training Program. You lawyers are going to have to prove this claim was made. It should be easy since all the training is recorded and the PDFs are published.

Again. I would ask for evidence. Who said this? Where did they say it? When did they say it? Who did they say it to?

“For the business to operate lawfully, it cannot mislead consumers.”

But the lawyers for the FTC and the judge involved in this case can present lies as evidence?

If you lawyers did not have double standards you would have no standards at all.

“For the Receiver to operate the business lawfully, this statement must be true and not misleading. For several reasons, as discussed in further detail below, the Receiver has determined on a preliminary basis that this statement is misleading and false for the vast majority of consumers.”

The statement referred to presented by the representatives of the FTC is a lie and is not the message presented to consumers by the Digital Altitude Aspire training program.

“Receiver believes that consumers are induced into purchasing the purported educational materials with the prospect of earning six-figure income in 90 days or less.”

This statement is a little less of a blatant lie but fails to make clear that what Digital Altitude says is POSSIBLE is getting to the RATE of a 6 figure ANNUAL income in 90 days. That rate being $8,000 per month on average for a 12 month period.

“The Receiver has carefully reviewed the 18-step program and materials that consumers are sold, video presentations by Michael Force that accompany the 18-step program.”

I would ask the question as to whether the receiver has reviewed the 6 Lesson BASE education materials or the 16 Lesson RISE program?

The 18 Step Aspire Program plus the whole back office and membership of the Aspire Facebook group is offered for the price of $37 per month.

The BASE + RISE Training is currently offered at the one time price of $2,200 and this price was increased just in September 2017.

“Consumers can be either become a “Walker,” “Hiker,” or “Climber” and by paying $37, $67 or $127 on a monthly basis, respectively.”

This is misleading. To gain access to the Aspire Program the level required is Walker at $37 per month. To gain the benefit of this entry level training there is no requirement to upgrade to the Hiker or Climber level.

There is no value to the consumer in upgrading to Hiker or Climber for anyone who does not also purchase the Affiliate License to resell Digital Altitude products or services.

Sirs and Madams,
your claim is that Digital Altitude proposed to people that they could learn how to earn $100,000 in 90 days from a product that costs $37 per month.

This is obviously a false claim.

So why are you lying?

“Receiver has seen thus far have led him to conclude that the education program is merely a sales technique for recruiting consumers to promote Digital Altitude as a product, when in fact there is no real product”

Again. I would ask the Receiver if he as read the 6 Lesson Base Training and 16 less RISE Training which is offered currently for $2,200 as the first upgrade from the Aspire Program.

I would ask this because I have been in Sales and Marketing since 2001 and I rate the RISE training as excellent training. The BASE training is excellent training for people who have never run a business before.

I am a very high profile public figure. I have sold million dollar deals to billion dollar multi-national customers and even I felt I got my $2,000 value out of my BASE and RISE investment compared to my experience. Yes, this is a subjective assessment, but it comes from someone with 25 years of sales and marketing experience so it has credibility.

The higher level products are event products where presenters come to present to the audience. They are perpetual products allowing the consumer to attend the event in perpetuity. If the claim is that event products are not “real products” the addressees are going to have to explain to me the business of conferences, many of which I have spoken at in many countries over many years.

Conferences are event products which can charge very signficant fees to attendees for a one day event. Some conferences are 3-5 days and charge significant fees for consumers as well as significant fees for vendors who wish to present their products at the event.

The addressees are going to have to justify to me the statement that the event products that Digital Altitude sell as the higher level products are not “real products” in the face of the fact that the global conferencing industry is massive.

“In total, from information available to the Receiver thus far, it appears that consumers have paid approximately $60,000,000, of which approximately $27,000,000 was paid back to consumers, in commissions, to “coaches” and joint sales partners as discussed in further detail below.”

So, according to the document, the business is running at about 50% gross margin.

This is a very good rate to run an education business at. Most education businesses struggle to get past 30% gross profit because so much money must be spent in sales and marketing. It is the sales and marketing costs that kills education businesses. This is one reason that Digital Altitude is a good business model for an education business. It does not pay for unsuccessful marketing and sales activities. It only pays for successful such activities.

I would argue, and I would be successful in doing so, that the business model of Digital Altitude is far more honest than the business model for almost any University in the US. These Universities make representations of the income earning ability of graduates and often require investments far in excess of $60,000 for very dubious educational benefit.

After all? Most University students must attend classes on “white privilege” and “diversity training” and “rape culture”. Training for which they must pay that make no contribution to the students earning potential. Yet the FTC sees no problem in such practices because the FTC is well aware of what is being done inside the Universities and has not yet put a single University in to Receivership.

The Digital Altitude RISE training, and the access to experts that it brings, is about equivalent to a one year marketing course at a University. And it has a one time cost of $2,200, far less than what any university would charge. And yet the value of this training is not mentioned anywhere in the documents I have read from the FTC and the addressees.

“Thus, a consumer that is sold the entire program has paid over $60,000 with the expectation of making six figures in 90 days.”

False. The expectation is the POSSIBILITY of earning an average of $8,000 per month if they are diligent and work hard AND spend more money on their paid traffic in advertising.

“Over its life, Digital Altitude collected approximately $60,000,000 from 185,000 consumers, 40,000 of those consumers paid $1 each. Of the balance of 145,000 customers who paid $37 or more, 144,167 received no commissions, and 837, or .6%, received commissions.”

These numbers make no sense.

I rather think you mean that 14,500 customers paid $37 or more because the Digital Altitude Aspire Membership facebook group is 14,900 at the time of writing.

If, on further inspection, it is found that 14,500 members paid $37 or more, not 145,000, one would wonder what other lies are being told about these numbers.

A large number of people paid $1 to participate in the 14 day trial program which I personally value at approximately $1,000 in and of itself.

The $1 trial program is the loss leader to give people an opportunity to see for themselves if they want to spend the $37 for a monthly membership.

So, the truth is, that the consumers have access to the exact back office they will have for either a $1 investment for their 14 day trial, or for free, for the 14 day trial.

At the end of the 14 day trial the customer will have had the opportunity to perform the first 6 steps of the 18 step entry level Aspire Program.

They are asked if they want to keep access to the back office for $37 per month or not.

This is a very extensive opportunity to review a product and service, for $1 and 14 days of access, before the consumer is asked if they want to pay for it.

Yet this is presented as fraudulent? I can give any number of examples where a consumer has to make a decision for a $37 product without the opportunity to try it out for 14 days. If you do not believe me? Every pair of shoes I have ever bought I did not get 14 days to try the shoes out. I got to try the shoes on in the shop for a minute or two walking in front of a mirror before I was expected to make a decision.

What about buying a house? Do we get to move in to the house and try it out for 14 days before we buy a house? No. We get to look around the house for maybe 20 or 30 minutes. We get to have professionals inspect the house, without us being present, for such things as termites or building violations of the local ordinances.

We do not even get to BUY A HOUSE with a 14 day trial period.

And yet the authors would present that the 14 day trial period in which the student can take the first 6 steps of the Aspire Program is not sufficient for the consumer to take the decision to spend $37 per month.

I have a question. Do the authors really expect men like me to take their statements seriously?

Indeed, for the BASE + RISE purchase of $2,200 there is a 14 day no questions money back guarantee so that if the consumer does not believe the training is worth the $2,200 they paid for it they can simply ask for the purchase price to be returned and access to the training will be cancelled.

The ability of the consumer to cancel access to the Digital Alitutude Products and get a full refund of the purchase price exceeds thousands of commonly purchased items from shoes to cars to houses. None of which the FTC has a problem with.

“In aggregate, consumers paid $9,222,563 in members fees in order to “earn” $6,035,219 in commissions. Consumers lost money and did not build a six-figure online business.”

This is false. The membership fees are the $37, $67, $97 per month. The Upgrade Products are PRODUCTS which the member buys for their own use. The higher end products are lifetime access to the event products which is why they are expensive.

The BASE and RISE products are worth the money paid for them in and of themselves.

Consumers are made well aware that the products are worth their price in and of themselves and that it takes the resale of 4 copies of a product to break even for the investment of that product.

These commission rates are well published inside the Digital Altitude and the risk that one takes in entering in to such a sales business is clearly articulated by Michael Force repeatedly saying in the early training that most efforts by people to start businesses fail.

The attempts by the authors of these documents to present the claim that consumers sincerely believed that they could make $100,000 from buying a $37 per month membership is intellectually insulting to the consumers, of which I am one.

For the authors of this document to claim that I would need their “protection” from making the mistake that I thought buying a $37 monthly membership would net me $100,000 income in 90 days is insulting to my intelligence and it should be insulting to the authors intelligence in making the claim.

But apparently not.

So the claim “Consumers lost money” is false. Consumers bought training and education that is worth every penny that they paid for it. They gained access to experts in the area who will answer their questions.

This is training they INVESTED IN so as to earn a future return on investment.

This is similar to deciding to open a Subways franchise. The owner of the Franchise must buy the Franchise, find a location, fit out the location, order supplies, hire and train staff, and do the Subways Franchise training.

This is often close to $500,000 for a Subways in the US and the number can be even higher for a very high traffic mall position. In the case of Subways all this investment must be made before the doors are opened and the first customer is served.

The pattern with Digital Altitude is the same. The consumer must learn from the products available online. These are the Aspire, BASE and RISE products.

In my own team I made sure each member went through the full training program as part of getting started. Each of my 2 members who launched their business did not buy any clicks until AFTER they had done the RISE program. Before completing the RISE program I advised my 2 members to only use free traffic because they were learning.

Of course, most people can only afford the $2,200 BASE + RISE package and can not afford the higher level packages to get started. These people are told, in no uncertain terms, that they can not expect to earn $8,000 per month based on the $550 commission on the BASE + RISE package.

Consumers are told this in no uncertain terms.

Indeed, one of my team members reported to me that his scale up coach made the following comment.

“You will not be able to make serious money here without reselling the higher level products.”

He called me to ask me if this was true. I said words to the effect “Yes, something like 85% of all commissions paid here are for the higher level products. But you and I do not have the money to buy in at that level so we have to be happy with $550 commission per RISE sale until we can buy up to the higher levels.”

In short, one of my 2 members was EXPLICITLY TOLD BY HIS SCALE UP COACH that he could NOT expect to earn $8,000 a month having only invested in the Aspire, BASE and RISE Products.

This is diametrically opposite of the claims that have been made by the addressees to the court.

BTW. I can NAME that coach who said that and I am sure he would repeat that he did say that to my member under oath.

So I would ask the addressees again.

Who, specifically, told who that they could make $100,000 in 90 days? When did they say it? How did they say it? To whom did they say it? And were is the proof or evidence that such was said?

Consumers are told, to make the larger income, they need to get the commissions for the higher level products.

IF a consumer does not have the money or does not want to take the risk of the larger investment until they have made progress in learning how to be an internet marketer?

THEN they are welcome to open their business being able to earn commissions on the $2,200 BASE + RISE package as well as the membership fees commissions.

And that is exactly what I did very successfully I might add.

I will explain my position at the end of this open letter.

“From internal tracking spreadsheets, the click-to-lead ratio was calculated to be 11.7% despite representations in the training materials suggesting a click-to-lead ratio of 35-40%.”

I do not know the truth or falsity of this statement. However, our Digital Altitude team used a third party advertising provider where click to lead rates varied from 35% to 50% depending on time of day, day of week, time of year and some times it would seem just luck.

I have personally seen opt-in rates on Digital Altitude sales pages as high as 60% for a campaign. Those who got those numbers would seem to have had some good luck on the day. Rates in the 35-50% range are quite normal for the advertising partner we used in our team.

Consumers are welcome and free to buy their clicks from any source they choose.

“As for the conversion of leads to sales, these too are exaggerated. Sales materials on the “” provide a table of expected results which reflects a 5% lead-to-sale conversion ratio. It appears from the company records that the actual rate is closer to 1.8%.”

My personal lead to members was 12 members / 195 leads which is 6%.

Of those 12 members, meaning they paid just $1, I made 3 RISE sales. Which is a very high rate of sales.

My page views to leads was very low. Only 8% though many of them were repeat visitors who never put their email address in. Also, people who do put their email address in are double counted too.

The leads to members rate also needs to allow time for the leads to choose to become customers. Digital Altitude is early in its life and many consumers are very early in their business and so the leads they have need time to get to know the consumer / affilate before buying.

One of the most convincing pieces of evidence that a person is able to bring a new member in and teach the new member how to run their business is the affiliate is having success selling. So, in this business, getting the first 2 sales is always the hardest thing to do. Once an affiliate has 2 sales they are on their way to breaking even and moving in to profit.

It is absolutely true that many affiliates never make those first 2 sales and many will quit before they do.

This is NORMAL and it is not “unexpected” or “unknown”.

The same goes even for long running companies like Amway. Many Amway resellers do not make the sales they would have hoped for.

That is the nature of sales and selling. It is one reason why most people do not want to be sales people because the income generated is so risky.

To attempt to imply that some consumers buying Digital Altitude products did not understand this risk is insulting to their intelligence.


Now, to the authors, I would like to explain my own situation and experience with Digital Altitude as an Affiliate and how that was progressing before you interfered with my income earning ability.

Firstly, if you wish to know anything about me you can go to my web site

It links to my linkedin profile, facebook and you tube channel.

I am currently 54 years of age. I am one of the top Business Intelligence Consultants in the world, and I first entered Sales and Marketing for IBM in Sydney Australia in 1991.

I wanted to be a salesman but it took 5 years of heartbreaking failure and dedicated commitment to becoming a great salesman before I had my breakthrough in being a salesman.

I went on to be one of the top salesmen in Australia in my space selling the largest deal in my space 2 out of 4 years in Australia. To say I was a superlative salesman in the large systems space would be an understatement as I had a close rate THREE TIMES that considered excellent.

But this skill in closing million dollar plus deals with billion dollar plus companies was very hard won with thousands and thousands of hours of effort.

So I know what is involved in becoming a salesman and I know it is not easy.

I moved in to Internet Marketing in 2014 when a long term friend of mine sent me a link to check out something that he was in to called iPAS2. This was an offshoot of Empower Network founded by one David Wood. My pal knew I was in financial difficulty and suggested this might help. The iPAS2 system was superlatively built for the time and I knew I had seen the future and I wanted to be a part of it.

I knew that it might take some years for the rest of the world to catch up to this future as it was still in its infancy, but I knew this was the future.

I did not have much luck with sales to my contacts of either iPAS2 or other Empower Network products. I most certainly did not blame the products or the company since others were doing just fine. There were things to learn and I was moving from the corporate sales world to the consumer sales world, quite different areas.

When David Wood was revealed to have a personal problem with drugs I chose to move on. I reviewed possible options and of the options I looked at I chose Digital Altitude for a trial to see how well it had been implemented.

I joined one of the Empower Network Leaders who had moved to Digital Altutude a little earlier. This was because I felt that one of the reasons I did not see success in Empower Network was the lack of a team environment over and above the products and services. Since I was also working a full time job I did not have the time to also create a proper team environment.

And so I joined Digital Altitude in early August 2017.

Now. What Digital Altitude and Michael Force say is that if you can work full time, buy the $60K package and put in advertising money for clicks as well then you can get to an $8,000 per month income run rate in 3 months.

So lets compare my experience with that claim of what is POSSIBLE.

I have a full time job launching a Business Intelligence company and I work about 50 hours a week in that company.

I work about 15-20 hours a week across all my activites for Digital Alititude. Most of my Digital Altitude time is spent making videos for a you tube channel that is not marketing related. The channel is something I am very passionate about and happens to draw the same audience that are possible buyers for Digital Altitude. Indeed, all 3 sales I made came from that channel.

Since you can see my back office records you can see that I made my first RISE sale on October 14th. My first RISE customer had to sell some property to afford his $2,200 for RISE and that took a while.

I spent no money on clicks and only did free advertising. And I only worked part time.

So I bought in to Digital Altitude and the RISE product in early August and worked part time with no marketing budget and I made my first sale in about 10 weeks. For me? I was very pleased with this progress because I know how hard it is to get a first sale in this sort of area.

You can see from my records that I made my second RISE sale on November 16th. Less than one month later.

You can see from my records that I made my third RISE Sale on Jan 22. Just a few days before the document authors requested a Temporary Restraining Order.

I was able to earn a total of $1,819.99 in commissions in my first 6 months operating this business part time which I felt was an excellent result for me.

I have invested about $2,600 in Digital Altitude in that 6 month period and I had set up my advertising. My total list is nearly 8,000 email addresses and so, having made $1,819.99 in the first 6 months and nearing break even I was personally very pleased with my progress since I had planned to run this business for many years.

I also want to add that my second RISE customer bought up to APEX level at a cost of around $62,000 for the total package. This purchase was made in December, the 5th month that I was operating my Digital Altitude business.

The total commission on the $62,000 package is $15,500. Since I was not at the higher levels I only qualified for $550 commission from that sale. The RISE component. The other $15,000 of the sale went to my sponsor.

However, this was my 5th month. And the “$100,000 per year income run rate” is $8,000 per month. So if I HAD bought in at the APEX level this $62,000 sale and the $15,500 commission on the sale in December would have given me an $8K monthly run rate average for Month 4 and Month 5.

In short, if I had bought in to Digital Altitude at the $60K level, I would have achieved, in my 5th month, the “six figure income” level by the 5th month which could have been back dated across the previous month.

So I did, in fact, achieve exactly what was said was possible, with the exception I did not have the money to buy in at the higher level and so had to pass that income to my sponsor as per the agreement I signed up to.

So. The idea that achieving the “six figure income rate” in 90 days is somehow not possible or “unrealistic” is simply not true.

I did just that with zero advertising budget working 10-15 hours a week where more than 50% of that time was producing you tube videos unrelated to Digital Altitude. The you tube videos just happen to be in alignment with who I wanted to market Digital Altitude to. Indeed, one of the reasons I selected Digital Altitude was that it suited the men who I was already talking to.

My records in the Digital Altitude company prove, beyond all reasonable doubt, that if I had bought up to the top level, I would have hit the “six figure income” in 5 months and that 5th month income being enough to also atribute $8K to month 4.

And, I did it part time, with no marketing budget for clicks, as well as being politically persecuted for reasons we won’t enter in to in this document.

Later on I did buy some clicks from a friend of mine but none of the leads that came from that campaign bought up to the RISE level. One member bought the $37 level.

Now. Just because I did this does this mean ANYONE can do it?


Not everyone can make it in sales. Not everyone can make it in business.

Some McDonalds Franchises fail. Some Subways franchises fail.

Some lawyers fail even after graduating from law school.

Some doctors fail even after graduating from law school.

Many people who open up their own businesses fail, some 90%+ of them.

My first business that I opened in 1994 when I left IBM was going to fail and I had to go back in to the corporate world. The reason my first business was going to fail was my inability to secure new contracts fast enough. Meaning I was not good enough at marketing and sales despite the fact I had been trained in this area by none less than IBM.

No matter where you look plenty of people fail in business when starting their own business.

This is why, when someone is successul launching their own business, they are very well rewarded for having taken the risk and made it come off.

However, the fact some people fail in launching their Digital Altitude business and making money in their Digital Altitude business is NOT a reflection on the Digital Altitude produces, services and support.

Just like I took full responsibility for not being able to gain traction and sales in my Empower Network Franchise? I took full responsibility for the success or failure of my Digital Altitude business.

However, I can not be blamed for a government department, the FTC, making false statements on court submissions requesting a Temporary Restraining Order. That is well outside my sphere of influence.

What I CAN control is bringing a common law case against the people who are the authors of these documents, and the judge involved. If you can not show me proof of who, exactly, said what exactly, to whom, when, and how that the consumer was in any way guaranteed to make $100,000 in their first 90 days in this business as has been repeatedly claimed in the two signed documents I have access to then you can expect that I will prosecute the addresses through common law courts.

If the authors of these two documents are not prepared to release the names of the people who made these claims against Digital Altitude along with the EVIDENCE of these claim then these claims are baseless.

The authors of these two documents know as well as I do the maxim of law

“Burden of proof is on he who asserts, not he who denies.”

The authors of these documents have asserted over and over again that employees or ownwers of Digital Altitude asserted that members at just the $37 monthly level would somehow make $100,000 in 90 days.

I want to see the evidence for those claims.

Absent evidence being presented to the public?

I will work to bring a common law accusation against the authors and work to convene a common law court with a common law jury citing common law jurisdiction to fairly and justly try the authors of these documents under the common law for causing me the injury, harm and loss of terminating my business based on fraud.

I know that all lawyers and members of the law society in the US are well aware that the Unites States is a common law land and that common law courts have jurisdiction over the actions of any man or woman who lives on the land known as the Unites States. So claims to the contrary will be ignored.

I wish you all a good day and expect for you to present your evidence of your claims to the public inside the next 96 hours.

Best Regards

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

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