Are You Ready To Be Challenged By New Ideas?


For those of you wanting to know exactly what I sent out to my email list?

This is the email I sent out to introduce the Daily Short Cut series.


Hi!! It's Peter here.

I hope you are having a great Saturday or Sunday depending on where you are in the world!!

I am having an excellent day where I am and I sincerely hope you are loving your life as much as I am loving my life.

I am just getting over an injured back and enjoying some of the finest Scotland has to offer! Purely for medicinal and pain killing purposes mind you!


The reason I am writing to you is this.

There are a LOT of people in this world struggling to "make it".

There are a lot of people who set goals that when they hit their goals said...

"Man, if I ever hit goal xyz? I will have made it! I will be so happy!!!"

And yet...are not....happy that is.

So many people I know are trying and trying and trying and trying to "make it" and "be happy"...and...are...not...happy.

Are you one of these people?

Are you someone who does everything that you are told will make you "happy" but you are not happy or not as successful as you want to be?

If you are?

Have you ever asked...

Why is it so?

Why is it that personal happiness is so elusive for so many people while being so easily attained by people one might normally think would have no right to be happy?


Over the next period I am going to share some ideas with you...

Challenging ideas...

Thought provoking ideas...

Dangerous ideas...

Ideas that...if you adopt them...will so transform the quality of your life you might just wonder who the hell you were before these outrageous and impractical ideas were foisted on you by the likes of me!


I promise you...

I will send you a video that will rock you to the very foundations of your world...




And it is a BIG IF...


You do me the courtesy of listening to me.

But before I send you that video?

I have to set the scene.

I have to give you this first video in the series so you can listen to it in the next 12 or 15 hours or so before I send the next one out tomorrow.

So please...please...please...listen to....

>>> The Daily Short Cut 001 <<<

Think about it...and then be ready for your world to be rocked by the video I send out to you tomorrow.


>>> The Daily Short Cut 001 <<<

Listen to it.

Read the post.

Think about it.


And I will see you...tomorrow.

Thank you very much for your time!

It is much appreciated.

Until next time!

Best Regards


Peter Photo

PS. If new and challenging ideas on how to transform the quality of you life are not your thing? Please hit the unsubscribe button below. I do not want to upset you with new and challenging ideas that you do not want to hear. OK?

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