Honesty Is The Most Important Characteristic of Being Successful In Business


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If you want to be successful in business? Honesty is one of the most important characteristics you could cultivate and tell your prospective customers and clients about.

I have been given million dollar deals on my handshake that no matter what else happens I will make sure this deal gets done.


My reputation for honesty and integrity helped win me million dollar deals in the late 90s.

When I was working in Australia in the late 90s my honesty and my integrity were legendary.

It is what people knew me for.

It was well known I resigned from two high paying jobs over issues of honesty and integrity.

It was not well known that I had actually resigned from a THIRD job for the same reason.

When you can look a prospect in the eye and tell him:

“I am an honest man and everyone knows this. If you give me this deal? I will make it happen for you.”

You will win more deals.

It is that simple.


You can easily cultivate the characteristic of honesty. It is not hard. And you can tell your prospective clients stories about what you have done that prove you are honest.

I often tell the story of how I was once paid EUR10,000 too much by a client and immediately contacted them to let them know of the accidental payment.

They were a multi-billion dollar company and would never have missed the money. But that’s not the point. People are impressed when they hear that story. They get that I am honest.


And so it happened again recently. In a smaller way, but it is relevant because I am running a sale on John Thornhills Simple Traffic Solutions this weekend.

After buying Simple Traffic Solutions from John and learning from it I really felt like he was a good guy and this was a good product. So I wrote to John and told him I would be happy to recommend Simple Traffic Solutions to my contacts because it is a good product. I asked his permission to resell the product.

John not only gave me permission to sell Simple Traffic Solutions through JV Zoo, he added some other products as well. When I saw them come up on my JV Zoo panel I clicked through to the sales pages for the products he was allowing me to sell.

The one that caught my eye was the Inner Circle program.

John had a special offer going for permanent membership of the Inner Circle program for a fixed fee rather than the monthly fee. I went through all the details and decided this was for me. I would like to be in the conversation once a month. And since I am in Internet Marketing for the long haul a lifetime deal is a good deal.

So I clicked and bought the offer.

Since I was new to JV Zoo I did not realise that I gone to the sales page on my link and that I would be paid a commission on my purchase.

This is not fair on John and buying on your own links is strictly prohibited by JV Zoo.

When I realised my mistake I wrote to John to make sure he did not pay me the USD44 commission and I promptly forgot about it.


On September 9th the commission payment popped in to my paypal account and I saw it a little later.


What did I do?


I had written to John and told him the payment was an honest mistake.

John is a millionaire who would NEVER miss USD44.

I am on somewhat hard times.


What did I do?


This is what I did.



I refunded the payment and I wrote to John to apologise again for my mistake and to let him know the payment was refunded in full.


Because being honest is not about being honest if you might get caught as so many people think.

Being honest is about being honest when there is NO CHANCE IN THE WORLD YOU WILL BE CAUGHT!

That is how I taught my children.

That is how I have been since I was about 12 years old. (Sure, as a kid I did steal some things like sweets! LOL! Pretty much all of us do that!)

This is how you can let your prospective customers know you are honest, and that you WILL be honest even if no one is looking.

When people know you are honest? They are more inclined to buy from you than they are to buy from someone they have some doubts about.


Simple Traffic Solutions is on sale from me until midnight EST Sunday.

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So get on my email list before midnight Sunday night to secure your copy of Simple Traffic Solutions at an 87% discount PLUS my bonus.

But only until Sunday midnight.

Then the bonus turns into a pumpkin.


I wish you a very happy “Freebie Friday”!

Until Next Time!


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  1. I would love to sign up to your mailing list. I could read your blogs all day. I feel like I know you, I have always tried to be an honest person & feel that by saying that & not doing it you are only cheating yourself. Love that video you posted. It hit home for me too… The video about just that honesty, just how honest are we….

    • Hi Julianne,
      welcome to my blog.

      Thank you for your compliments. 

      Yes…a lot of people like to think they are honest but tend to take the easy road when it is presented.

      Being honest is not about being honest when you might be caught…..being honest is about being honest when there is no chance you will be caught.

      That is the acid test.

      Best Regards



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