So…You Want to be In Internet Marketing #005


So…we had the big Commission Machine Blow Out Sale and a number MGTOWs bought the Commission Machine training as their starting point in getting in to Internet Marketing.

This was a great decision because Commission Machine teaches you a lot about how to go about selling products on the web.

The most specific thing that the Commission Machine teaches you is how to sell JV Zoo products on the web.

If you are reading this and you missed out on the big sale you can still get the Commission Machine on this link.

It’s going to cost you USD5 more and you have missed the massive bonus package. But the education in the Commission Machine is well worth USD1,000 in my opinion. So if you want to take a step in the direction of getting in to Internet Marketing? Commission Machine is one step you might want to take.


A couple of the guys who bought the Commission Machine asked me “What’s next?”

Well? #1 is to do the training inside the Commission Machine.

Do all the modules before you try and put it in to practice. Yes, all of them.

Once you have done all the modules inside the Commission Machine you will have a very good grasp on how to sell products from JV Zoo on the web. We can then talk on the basis of you knowing the steps to sell products to talk about selling the Commission Machine itself.

Once you have done the Commission Machine training you should also sign up for a My Cash Freebies account as I have detailed on this link.

The reason you also want a My Cash Freebies account is you want to way to start growing your list of people who are interested in Internet Marketing. The way that we approach this is see, learn, do, teach.

Once you have seen how someone does internet marketing, like I am doing, then you learn from that person. Once you learn how to do Internet Marketing your way, or at least start the journey, you then turn around and teach the “next guy” who is your client how to do it all over again.

You sell products and services to whoever you like.

You attract people like you in to your team.

The real money is in building up your team under you in an MLM style business. The people that you bring on to your team and you show how to make money online will become your loyal clients over time and they will tend to buy from you because of your relationship with them. Whether the contract is explicit such as iPAS2 or implicit like the Commission Machine and upgrades you want your clients to tend to buy from you and not to simply use you for your greater level of experience. That’s fair.

Remember, there is a difference between simply selling something from your store that someone wants to buy and bringing someone new on to your team to seriously get in to Internet Marketing. A new team member can consume a fairly significant amount of time before they start buying the products and services they need to set up their own site and store.


In the Commission Machine there is a “No List Method”.

If you are brand new to Internet Marketing you will not have a list at all. And the “No List Method” is intended to deal with this.


The No List Method

So. If you have no list at all what you need to do next is this.

  1. Set Up an Internet Marketing Facebook
  2. Set up an Internet Marketing Twitter

If you like Instagram and Pintrest you might also want to set up accounts on those two as well. But Facebook and Twitter are going to be the main ones to use and of the two Facebook is the #1 for drawing interest to your new offers. You have two offers, Commission Machine and Express My Cash Freebies.

I suggest you set up a separate Facebook account to your personal facebook. Despite the fact you will only be selling reputable products and services your friends are going to complain about “selling” because people are insanely paranoid about selling. Everyone likes “buying stuff” but everyone hates being “sold stuff”. It is like they do not know how to say “no”.

Once you set up a new personal facebook you also set up a fan page associated with your facebook. Later on you will learn how to do that properly when you have made some money and you can afford to buy the Fan Page Money Method which also excellent value. But for now just create a fan page so that you have a second place to put offers that is not directly on your time line.

Now. Once you have a new Facebook Page you want to take a look at my Internet Marketing FaceBook and join the public groups that I am also in.

You will see I am in a number of groups that are not public. Many of the groups I am in you have to own the related product before you will be allowed to join in. I am not sure if they are visible from friends so hit me up if not and I will post them to our group.

Just join in the conversation with other people about IM and start learning how other people interact.

On your facebook and twitter talk about the normal things you would talk about on facebook. Then, about 10% to 20% of the time refer to your My Cash Freebies offer. Once you have a few friends and followers run the swipes for Commission Machine on your facebook as a campaign and you will almost certainly pick up a few sales even if you only have a few hundred friends linked to your facebook.


Getting A Web Site

I am going to do a longer post about blogging and getting a web site. So stay tuned for that.

If you are brand new to IM you have to make the decision about getting a blog.  I talk about that in much more detail on this link.

Simply put, sooner or later, you have to have a blog. Whether it is soon or whether it is later is really up to you.

Once you make the decision to have a blog you have to decide if you are going to get one for yourself and host it or whether you are going to go with something like Kalatu from Empower Network.

I am not using Kalatu myself because I came in the iPAS2 stream and I already know how to set up wordpress blogs etc. They are not a problem for me. But for most people they are a problem to set up and maintain. If you decide to go with iPAS2 and Kalatu I would ask you to get iPAS2 on my link.

iPAS2 will get you going for another product to sell. If you do not want to go with iPAS2 now then just get a blog as a customer or team member and we will put it on JV Zoo Hosting and sort out the rest later. Blogs are easy to move.

For people who are simply my customers I recommend getting a blog on JV Zoo Hosting.

It is based in the US, it is USD8 per month, and it is reliable.

Please do not go and buy a HostGator blog and then wonder why it is not reliable, ok?

If you are not willing to pay USD8 for a blog per month then you should not be in Internet Marketing.

For people who want to join my team and work with me over the longer term? Just let me know and I am more than happy to buy a domain name and put you on my hosting service at JV Zoo. You would pay me via paypal for the domain name. I am an enom domain name reseller so I get domains a little cheaper than retail prices usually.

The reason that I am willing to get the domains and set up blogs for my team members is that it is actually faster and easier for me to set up a wordpress blog and get it going for you than it is for me to tell you about it. And most certainly much faster than for you to do it for yourself if you are doing it for the first time.

We plan to have wordpress sites set up for each team member and eventually we will have a person looking after them all. Also, by my having more sites in my name on JV Zoo we will get better overall service than if we all host them separately. As I said I am initially looking for 10 team members so it is no big deal to run an extra 10 sites.

You should be clear “Team Member” is a whole different thing to “customer” or “client”. If you want to go your own way in Internet Marketing and find your own way forward to be successful taking a little advice here and there then you choose your status with me as “customer” or “client”.

A “customer” is someone who buys products from my link and then goes about implementing them as he sees fit.

A “client” is someone who comes to me for advice as to what to buy from my store and takes my advice and then follows my advice on the usage of the products I sell him.

A “Team Member” is someone who comes to me and says “I am committed to doing whatever it takes to get to USD10,000 a month in income and I am going to do whatever you tell me “Karate Kid” style.” If you do not know what that means? Google “Karate Kid Wax On Wax Off”.

One of the turning points in my life was learning “Wax On, Wax Off” from David Miles in the Landmark Education Advanced Course.

As David said “just do the training and you will be successful. If you do not do the training you are far less likely to get the outcome you came for.”

That is what “being a Team Member” is all about. It is all about coming on board our team and working over the next few years to get yourself to USD10,000 a month. Now? Might you go faster? Sure. Some people in iPAS2 get to USD10,000 a month in under a year. You might put all your eggs in the iPAS2 basket and replicate the success of others in iPAS2 and not have a more general store like I am doing. That would be GREAT and I would LOVE to have some team members who focus solely on iPAS2 and make their income there.

So as you come in to Internet Marketing you will choose for yourself your relationship with me and your relationship with other people in the business and you will learn from them. For me? I am going to put the greatest level of my time and effort in to my team members. And from interest so far I expect them to be mostly MGTOWs because MGTOWs have the time and energy to do Internet Marketing the way it should be done.

Running a Store

Of course, another decision you will have to make is do you want to run a store or do you just want to run a blog with offers listed on the blog.

Naturally, the major issue with running a store is that you need to know that the products you are putting in to it are quality products. So you either have to trust someone elses opinion on that or find out the products yourself. I take care of that to an extent because you know that if a product is in my store that it is a great product that is great value for money. So any product that is in my store you can confidently put in to your store and know it is good value for money.

Whether you then use the product yourself or learn the product yourself to be able to talk about it with your customers is up to you. It is not really necessary. You can simply say to your customers it is a great value for money product with a 30 day money back guarantee so they can check it out for themselves. All the products I have in my store have very low return rates for the very fact that they are great value for money.

Most of the products in my store are “funnel” products where the product vendor is selling a great product at fantastic value so as to find new clients in their funnels to present later opportunities to. So why would anyone refund them when they are so useful and such good value. The usual cases for refunds for the sorts of products in my store is that the person thought they could set up a web site and sell to their friends. Once they do that they find their friends are not interested and they quit.

The #1 route to failure in Internet Marketing, or any multi-level marketing exercise for that matter, is to set up some sort of business in the belief that your friends will buy enough from you that it will make your business work.

Trust me. They won’t.

Most people who buy in to things like Amway and Herbal Life think that they will sell enough goods and services through their network of family and friends to make decent money. It rarely happens. You have to find other like minded people who are willing to join you in your team to sell in your downline. And that will eliminate 99%+ of your “family and friends”.

Even me, a man who is known to 100,000+ men in the man-o-sphere had such a low response rate from those men that a viable iPAS2 business could not be set up from that list of men. I have had to reach out to MGTOWs to find men who are actually interested in making money online.

So if you are going to run a store? You need to remember that you are going to have to contact people outside your family and friends. And that brings us on to the last point.


Building Your List

Sooner or later you are going to have to start building your list. With Instant Pay Day Network and My Cash Freebies you can start building your list. In each case you will get the email address of people who opt in to your squeeze page. You can keep your list in something like a spreadsheet for a while. I will give my customers a free copy of my emailer program, SeETL. It can email a html email directly from a spreadsheet. I used it myself up to the point I had 10,000+ email addresses.

Once I moved in to internet marketing and had to pay for a Get Response account anyway I decided to migrate my main lists in to Get Response.

I have put a couple of my Team Members on to my Get Response Account so that they can build their lists while not having to pay the USD15 per month for their Get Response Account. Once  they are making money online they will get their own Get Response Account and I will help them set it up.

Once you have your offers ready, your facebook ready, your twitter ready you can go out and promote My Cash Freebies and Commission Machine to start your leaning process. Once you feel confident you are attracting people to these offers set up a blog and start talking about your experiences.

If you go in to iPAS2 you will learn how to position your experiences more accurately to draw people to your message.


In this blog post I have been talking mostly to those guys who bought Commission Machine during the big blow out sale. Even so, if anyone else wants to buy the Commission Machine to learn how to sell JV Zoo products you can get it on this link.

I then went over how to get started in the process of promoting and selling Commission Machine and My Cash Freebies.

  1. Get a new facebook account for Internet Marketing.
  2. Get a new twitter account for Internet Marketing.
  3. Get a My Cash Freebies Account as a second product to promote.
  4. Join in places where successful Internet Marketers hang out.
  5. Go through the “No List Method” to get started in promoting My Cash Freebies and Commission Machine as well as mixing it up on your facebook and twitter with personal stories about yourself.
  6. Decide if you want to be a customer or client of mine, or if you want to be a team member.
  7. Decide if you want a blog. If so a Kalatu Blog with iPAS2 or a standard blog just to get started.
  8. Decide if you want to have a store on your blog.
  9. Start building your list. I will give you a Get Response Campaign until you can afford your own or want to pay for your own.


I hope that this post has given you the guidance that you need now you are Commission Machine owner!

As always email me if you have questions. I really want to make sure all my customers are successful in Internet Marketing!

Until Next Time!





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