The Real David and Goliath Story of Affiliate Marketing



This is a true story.

Our “David” was a 19-year old newbie from Malaysia.

He was unknown in IM and had a tiny list.

Prior to the “experiment” he’d accepted his fate of being a bottom-of-the-leaderboard affiliate fighting it out for crumbs.

No matter what he did he could never compete with the big boys.

Then he was taught a new affiliate marketing method which changed everything.

He started getting more opens, more clicks and more sales.

He started dominating leaderboards.

He was crushing big name marketers with lists TEN times bigger than his.

Sounds like over the top BS right?

I hear ya.

If I hadn’t heard this story myself firsthand I’d be thinking the same thing.

The fact is – this guy wasn’t alone. Everyone who’s learned this new affiliate marketing method has gone on to achieve great things.

It’s called The Commission Machine and it’s an essential purchase for affiliates of all levels;

Get the Commission Machine Today!

Until next time!



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