How To Make Green Screen Videos Easily With Camtasia Studio


Hey Guys,

I bought Video Skins from Sam Bakker this week. Great piece of software! You can get it on this link.

I bought a developers license which means I can do the editing of your videos and put the edited video on your web site running out of my account for those of you who are my clients.

One of the things that comes in the product is 8 video backgrounds for creating green screen videos on…or, just nice squeeze pages if that is what you want to use them for. So I asked Sam how to use the videos I bought and he sent me this link.

Check out how to do a green screen video with camtasia. Its pretty interesting. And a green screen video is always better than the same old boring background like I have done, right?



Now. As I said. As part of the purchase I received 8 videos that can be put in to the background of video recordings as green screen videos. They can also be used on squeeze pages.

The deal is that the people who are my paying clients can use these videos. Not just anyone. So I have put the 8 links below and they are only visible to subscribers.

If you are a subscriber to my site? You can log in and view this post again and you can see the videos. Ok?

If you are a paying customer you can download them, upload them to your site, and use them as backgrounds etc.

Here are the 8 links.

The page you attempted to view is restricted. You do not have authority to view it.

This sentence is below the 8 links presented to subscribers.

If you see the message “The page you attempted to view is restricted. You do not have authority to view it” then you are not logged in.

Only those people who are logged in to the site can see the 8 links for the background videos.

So create yourself a user id and come back to this page and you will see the 8 links for video backgrounds.

Best Regards





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