Thank You For Your Tolerance Yesterday


Hi! Peter here.

Thank you for dropping by to my blog. It is much appreciated!


I just wanted to say a quick thank you for being tolerant of me sending out such a quick email yesterday about “Video Skins”.

I really appreciate you are busy and have a lot going on. I really appreciate that you get a lot of emails.

So thanks for being tolerant that I popped out such a rushed email! I really appreciate that!


In order to say thank you in a little more tangible way?

Here is a link to a report by one of my mentors, Internet Millionaire John Thornhill. He’s great! I am in his inner circle group and I am learning a LOT from this man.

Get your complimentary copy of “Why You Will Never Succeed Online” on (link removed from blog entry).

Now…In case you are wondering?

There is a funny story behind how this “Video Skins” thing happened yesterday.

This is life in Internet Marketing.

On Wednesday night I was talking with a client about our plans for creating video demonstrations and marketing videos for a new release of software.

My client was asking to put animated objects on to the video that were clickable and would take the visitor to another spot on the web site if they clicked the link.

I said that as far as I knew this wasn’t possible yet, meaning html5 style animated objects over a you tube video embedded in a web page that are clickable.

He didn’t like what he heard but he took my word that I have never seen this and if I haven’t seen it then it must be something very new, not possible or expensive.

So Thursday morning I wake up and I have an email from my friend Peter Beattie. Peter is a video marketing expert.  I have quite a few of his products. By the way, he is having his birthday blow out sale this weekend if you want to head across to

So Peter tells me about this product that is being launched called “Video Skins”. Since the email came from Peter? I know he only sends me things I would be interested in and he only promotes good solid products. So I click the link because I click every link Peter sends me.

And what do you know!!??

Right there in the demo is exactly what my client was asking for the night before!!



So I checked out the demo, and checked out the features and price. It was just USD47 for a lifetime developer license which means I could do the development work for my client without him buying a license!

So I bought the product. Like duh?!

I also noticed the timer and noticed that the price was going up later in the day. I was like “damn, I know so many people who would want this but I don’t have time to single them out so they can get the discount. I will have to pop out an email to my whole list.”

That is how I came to send out the email to almost all my list in such a rush.

So, again, thank you for being so tolerant. It is much appreciated.

Just so you know.

The people who bought “Video skins” ALL sent me an email thanking me for letting them know about it.

ALL of them.

Yes, SOME people complained to me. Can you believe that?

So just quickly, really, if you do not want me to send you news of the latest, greatest, hi-tech products coming on to the marketplace?

Please unsubscribe from my list and make room for someone who does, ok?

No harm, no foul. Please just unsubscribe.

I have been in IT 33 years. The overwhelming majority of people want to hear about the latest, greatest, coolest products that might help them in their business.

A few people do not.

And that’s great!

Many people have linked to us just because James or I viewed their profiles. So if you want to unsubscribe from my list, the unsubscribe button is on the bottom of each email.

I am a big believer in permission based marketing. So if you want to stay linked to me on linkedin and just not get emails from me? Please unsubscribe. Ok?


Next?…While I think about it?

Let me explain something, just in case you are interested.

My copy of “Video Skins” will end up being free.

100% totally free. And it is a lifetime developer license.

How? You ask.

Well, I have quite a large list now. And lots of those people work in marketing or consult to clients in marketing.

So I sold quite a few copies of “Video Skins” yesterday.

It is a 50% commission product.

Get it?

You sell 2? Yours is free!

This is how Internet Marketing works when you have a list.

You open your email in the morning and in the email there could be news of the latest, innovative, hi tech product coming on to the marketplace that helps people “sell more stuff”.

And if there is? You can let your list know about it and…BAM!!

By the end of the day not only do you have your copy for free, you actually end the day a few dollars better off for sharing the news!

If THAT is not better than being a BI consultant? I do not know what is! LOL!!

I tell you, and people who know me know this is true.

In the 90s? I dragged myself all over Asia Pacific presenting to customers to sell Data Warehousing deals.

I did so many miles that at one time I had enough points with Qantas to fly around the world for free….FOUR TIMES!!

I am not kidding you. I had nearly 500,000 points with Qantas!

I once flew from Manila to Melbourne to give a one hour presentation.

I once flew from Sydney to Singapore to give a 45 minute breakfast presentation.

I once flew from Sydney to Boston for a three day conference and flew right back.

Do you have any idea how hard it is on a man to fly so much and to live in hotels so much?

Sure, it sounds like a life you would love to get a chance to live. But I can assure you it wears pretty thin after a few years.

So being able to sell via email on the web…to be able to sell things without needing an aeroplane involved?

THAT is living the life!


Oh, there was just one more thing before I finish up.

Mark the date August 13th in your calendar.


Because on that day a 4 day blowout sale is happening for one of the top products on JV Zoo.

I can’t tell you which one.

I use it and I love it.

It is the nearest thing to a license to print money.

If you have 1,000 connections say on linkedin, facebook or twitter?

If you want to sell really great digital products that help other people in their businesses?

If you have a little bit of time to put in to an online business?

You will want to be on my email list on August 13th.

And you will want to tell all your friends about this in case they want to join in. Ok?

Mums the word on the product because it sells well every day of the week and the product owner does not want sales to fall off before the big blow out sale.

August 13th….just 20 days away.

Mark it in your calendar.

Thank you very much for your time!

It is much appreciated.

I wish you a great weekend!

Until next time!!

Best Regards



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