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Today we are going to talk about “So you want to be in Internet Marketing”? # 004

In the previous post post we talked about all the different ways you can get free traffic to your site via John Thornhills Simple Traffic Solutions product.

You should now have a very good idea of all the different ways you could get people to your offer(s).

Right now? You likely only have one offer. That being your Express My Cash Freebies offer. You could have used the Instant Payday Network offer as well. That’s ok. But in these blog posts I am trying to make it as simple as possible for the young men who are coming on board.

By now you should have been able to sell referrals of Express My Cash Freebies to about 150 people and you should have about 15 people completed their one credit to get you about USD300 in your paypal account to get you going.

If you have more than that?! Well done! If you have less than that? You need to keep battling on with that until you have some success. I want you to have some success with Express My Cash Freebies before moving on.

It would be a mistake to say “Ok, that is just Express My Cash Freebies that does not convert, I will close deals for other things because they will be different.”

If you are not getting conversions for Express My Cash Freebies it is most likely because the people you are pitching to are the wrong people. So you need to get yourself in to a niche of people who are like you and ALSO are willing to buy from you.

So rather than move on, you should keep at it. Ok?

I can not overstate the importance of making your first one hundred dollars. Your second one hundred dollars. Your third one hundred dollars. And, finally, hitting the FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR mark.

As strange as it may sound to you now. It is going to be harder to make your first USD500 than it is your next USD5,000. And there will come a day when you will make USD5,000 with far less effort than you made your first USD500.

I predict that your first USD500 will be your hardest USD5,000 you ever made. This is why so many men give up way too early. They look how hard it is to make their early sales and they figure all sales are going to be this hard to make. Not so. Your later sales will be MUCH easier for the most part.

One day, not too far away, you are going to laugh at the “struggle” to make your first USD500 in Internet Marketing.

If you did not struggle? If it happened easily for you?

Good luck you!



In this step you are going to make a decision.

To date you have not really had to make a decision. I have advised you on what to do at a detailed level and asked you to do it.

Hopefully you have.

Now you are going to decide your next step in your business. Your next step does not preclude other steps. It will just take you down a path where if you want to come back you can or if you keep going down that path you can do that too.

The good part is that you should have some money to spend on your next effort. And you should not go in for your next effort unless you do have some money to spend.

Your decision now is whether to go for a “premium” way forward or the “budget” way forward.

What I mean by that is this. It is no secret I think iPAS2 is the premium way forward. It costs USD47 per month to get started and you pay an additional USD97 per month for the “Pro” version. So you are at about USD150 per month for an iPAS2 license.

If you have made USD300 by now that is already half your money just to get started, right?

So. It is a significant decision to go down that path. And you can go own that path later if you wish. The reason for mentioning it here is that if you really want to go down the iPAS2 path and you want to put your money in to it then you should do that now so that you can go right on to their Kalatu blog.

The Kalatu blog is the Empower Network Blogging platform. It is very good. And it takes all the “hassle” out of blogging. As one million dollar Empower Network earner says “Come on, I was a Hooters Waitress, you think I know anything about how to set up a blog?!”

With absolutely no disrespect meant to Hooters Waitresses, if even a Hooters Waitress can set up a blog on Kalatu, it has got to be pretty easy, right? That is how easy it is.

Empower Network take care of all the issues around the blog for you. And yes, that is an extra that is not in the USD144 you would already be paying. So it is a significant decision to take if you have no money to invest.

I did not have to worry about setting up a blog because with 30 years in IT I have no problems setting up blogs etc. I could install wordpress in my sleep and keep it up and running in my sleep.

If you know nothing about wordpress you will have to have someone help you with that. Whether it is Empower Network as an iPAS2 member or it is someone else such as us? That will be your choice.

Now. Why am I talking about all this?

Because the decision you need to make is this one.

“Will I set up a blog to sell my products?”


You do not HAVE to set up a blog, ok?

There are ways and means of promoting your products and services that do not require a blog.

However, the #1 way of getting people to join your team is via a blog.

There is no better way of promoting yourself as an Internet Marketer than via your blog.

Your blog is where people are going to get to know you, it is where they are going to get to trust you.

If you already happen to have a site where lots of people know you and trust you, GREAT!

That is not the majority of people I will be inviting in to my team.  The majority of people I will be inviting in to my team will not have a blog and will not have a significant presence on the internet already. Most of them will have little more than social media.  That is who these blog posts are written for.


Pros – Why Set Up A Blog For Internet Marketing?

  1. People buy from people.A lot of new people to Internet Marketing do not realise that people buy from people. Sure, today there is a habit of people buying from companies because the brand is well known and the people in the store are just there.But those companies spent a lot of time promoting those brands using…people.

    Michael Jordan helped Nike establish itself as a brand.

    These companies used people who are trusted celebrities to promote their brands so that the trust in the celebrity “rubbed off” on to the brand. That is how that works.

    In the Internet Marketing business people buy much more from people than they buy from brands because the marketplace is very new and the products are mostly being built by innovators. The big names have not moved in to the internet marketing business…yet.

    So by establishing yourself as a real person who is open, honest and trustworthy you are going to be laying the foundation for your online presence and store for the rest of your life.

    You are going to be establishing your reputation. And that reputation will take you a long way if you take proper care of it.

  2. Without One You are “Homeless” On the Web.I first heard this only recently at an Empower Network Seminar. The speaker pointed out that without a blog you are “Homeless” on the web. The idea being that you had not “staked your claim” in the electronic or online world.I created my first web site in January 1995. It was a pretty rough site because it was bloody hard to build web sites in those days. I did it entirely in html. I had been writing similar GMLs since 1986 so it was not too hard for me to undertake.

    I went for a job interview in February 1996 with Hitachi. You guessed it, the man I interviewed with had printed copies of much of my material from my web site on his desk when I came in to his office. He had printed my powerpoint presentations, my white papers, snippets of cobol code.

    He had obviously given these to other members of his staff and asked them for feedback as there were comments written on some of the papers.

    Now, of course, it was not a “blog”. Hell, I would be the first to say it was the WORST web site I have ever created!!

    But I got the job!

    One comment the interviewer, who went on to be my boss, made was “Looking through all this material? You obviously know what you are doing.”

    My web site had done a lot of the “credibility building” for me. And I had only put it up the month before!

    Indeed? The way I had gotten the interview went like this. It is worth mentioning this story here.

    I had created a whole set of marketing materials and made 200 marketing packs. I gave them to all the people I thought might help get me a job. One of my pals I gave the pack to went for a job interview and he was not at the level they wanted. At the end of the interview the interviewer said to him that he was not at the level needed, no hard feelings, but did he know anyone who was?

    My pal had nowhere near the experience I did so he was not concerned at the rejection. As luck would have it he had been reading my marketing package on the train on the way to the interview. So he said “Yes, I know a guy who is much better than me in this area. If I am not good enough for the job? Maybe he is. Here is his marketing pack.”

    My buddy handed over the whole marketing pack to the head hunter. And, the rest, as they say, is history. I went in to Hitachi and I was able to launch their Data Warehousing business on an unsuspecting world.

    THAT is how important it is to have some internet presence.

  3. You do not have to talk to prospects.I only realised this when I was watching a presentation by David Wood. One of the points he made was this. He said roughly what follows. I have paraphrased it because it was a bit longer and there were some stories in it.“I am often asked “Why Kalatu, why blogging?”.  Firstly, I am an MLM Marketer. That is what I do. And so the way we used to do that was have meetings, do three way calls, all that sort of stuff that we all know about and hate, right?

    To get someone to join your team and join your business opportunity as an MLM you have to talk to prospects. You have to sell to prospects. And we all know that the vast majority of prospects never buy and that a very good portion of the ones who do buy try it for a while and then quit for any one of a hundred reasons.

    That means all your time and effort talking to all the prospects who did not buy, and all your time and effort talking to the people who bought in but left soon after was wasted.

    When you have a blog you do not have to talk to prospects. Just think about that for a minute as an MLM. As an MLM 80%+ of your time is spent talking to people where your time and effort will not be rewarded. Think about that.

    With a blog? You write your blog entry once and thousands of prospects might read it. The amazing power of a blog is “you do not have to talk to prospects”.

    If you “get it”, you will really “get it”, right?”

    And, indeed, as I was listening to David say that I really GOT IT. With a blog you do not have to talk to prospects. If a prospect wants to talk to you and not read your blog it is very likely he is going to be a high maintenance team member.

    So you want to learn the lesson to get people to read your blog rather than ask to talk to you so they are low maintenance team members.

  4. Your blog will sell for you while you are sleepingSomething else that most people do not realise.What happens to a store each evening?It closes, right? All the people who work there go home and from closing time to opening time it is not possible for the store to actually sell anything unless they have an online presence to take the order to be fulfilled when the workers come back in the morning.

    But a blog? Or an online store?

    It is open all night. It is open while you are sleeping.

    Your prospects can be reading your blog while you are sleeping.

    While you are at lunch.

    While you are on holidays.

    John Thornhill did a great call the other day pointing out that he took a holiday and scheduled 16 emails to be sent out while he was on holiday. And while on holiday he logged in a few times and sent a few more emails to his list.

    Your blog will sell for you while you are sleeping. And if you speak more than one language you can sell in more than one language while you are sleeping.

    It is a very powerful idea to have a sales tool that can sell for you while you are not there and while you are not personally working.



Cons – Why Set Up A Blog For Internet Marketing?

  1. You have to keep it fresh.A lot of people set up blogs and pretty soon they are not posting. The content goes stale and the cobwebs start cluttering up the place. Make no mistake. Once you set up a blog you HAVE to keep it fresh.You can use tricks like remove the dates and don’t have dates in the link names. Sure. But that is not a good idea on the blog that you are using to present yourself as an honest man who is someone people can trust to do business with. It begs the question “why is he hiding the dates”?

    If you create a blog? An out of date blog is worse than no blog at all. As strange as that might sound, it is true.

    You do not have to blog about ONLY your IM business. You can blog about goings on in the business to let your subs know about news in the business that they might have to look for somewhere else.

    If you can save people time looking up other things they will use your blog as a source of information. So “newsy” items on your blog is also a good idea.

  2. You have to have awesome contentSure..there are autoblogging tools out there for the click baiting sites.But as an internet marketer your personal blog site must not be a click baiting site because you are not selling ad space, you are selling reputable products and services.

    So as John Thornhill says, your content has to be 100% awesome, all the time, every time. Just like posts like this are 100% awesome, educational, content.

    And that awesome content takes time to develop. Sure, you can borrow among buddies. For example as you move along in your IM business, if you create a blog, you will create a blog entry almost identical to many of my blog entries.

    You will change them here or there to suite your own style, but I have absolutely no problem in my team members copying my blogs and updating the contents to be what they want on their blogs. None at all.

  3. You have to have a hosting platform.I can not believe the number of people I have heard of who have put their blog on their own PC in their own home and put it up on the web via their internet connection.I mean, really. I know guys love tech but to have your blog sitting on the PC in the corner of your bedroom is a really bad idea. Perhaps the dog will run past and pull out the power cord, right?

    You have to have a hoster.

    And the next rule is..

    You have to pay for hosting.

    Do NOT get a “free” blog. This is only a cut above having your blog on a PC in the corner of your bedroom.

    “Free blogs” look exactly like what they are. Free blogs. Ugh!

    Do you have any idea what message “free blog” sends to people who might join your team? Let me tell you. It says “This guy can’t afford USD10 a month to buy decent blog hosting!”

    And that is not a very encouraging message to someone you are trying to tell you make money on the web.

    So you have to have a hosting platform.

    Next rule?

    Do not use CHEAP MASS HOSTERS. The #1 such cheap web hoster that comes to mind is hostgator .How these guys are still in business is beyond me. And they are not alone.

    It is a really bad idea to use cheap mass hosters because there is a reason they are cheap! It is because they put too many sites on to too few machines!

    So one of the cons of getting a blog is you have to pay for it and you should pay properly for it. Ok? It is pennies in your business anyway.


So now?

You want to sit down and think about the first decision you really have to make in your business.

Will you jump in to a premium style product like iPAS2 knowing enough now to actually get some free traffic to your offer?

Or will you go for a blog site up front and leave iPAS2 until you have got more prospects on your list by selling simpler lower end products and getting people in to your team before pitching premium products like iPAS2?

There is, of course, no one right answer to that question. Both paths work.

You can sign up for iPAS2 now and present it to a few hundred, if not a few thousand people, and you could very likely close the three deals you need to be in front. And then work on from there.

Also, you could decide you want to establish your blog and establish your presence and start to replicate what you have done to date so that you bring new guys in to your team.

This second approach is slower but you will see that if you bring people in to your team via the very simple and great value products like Simple Traffic Solutions and Fan Page Money Method that when it comes time to “upgrade” to something “premium” like iPAS2 the guys who know you and trust you by then will be more likely to follow, right?


If you want to go with iPAS2?

Click on Get iPAS2 here.

If you want a wordpress blog with a great hoster?

Click on Get JV Zoo Hosting here.

By all means let me know what you decide!

If you have any questions please ask below and I will be sure to get back to you.

Thank you very much for your time!

It is much appreciated.

I wish you a great day.

Until next time!!

Best Regards



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