So…You Want to Be in Internet Marketing #003


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Today we are going to talk about “So you want to be in Internet Marketing”? # 003

In the previous post we talked about a specific way of setting up a Facebook Fan Page to help get your offer of Express My Cash Freebies in front of more people. The Michael Cheney Facebook Fan Page Money Method is a very cheap product but a very valuable product. You really need to know what is in it to get started in facebook.

Without knowing the basics of how Facebook fan pages and advertising works you would be a bit of a “lamb to the facebook ads slaughter”. Lots of people waste far too much money on facebook ads. The Fan Page Money Method works even if you do not want to spend money on ads.

Now…You should have made about USD200 in referrals for Express My Cash Freebies by now. If not, and you have chosen to move forward more quickly? That’s great too.

The next thing you need to learn about in Internet Marketing is how to get visitors to your offer outside just facebook. The Internet Marketing term for “visitors” is “traffic”. And you need to learn the details of what sorts of traffic mechanisms there are and how to get traffic to your offer(s).

Now. You could buy in to expensive courses or expensive systems to get your traffic.

You could buy ads from google or facebook.

You will have tons of young women from all sorts of companies offer you solo ads. You will be amazed how much “attention” you will get from pretty young women just as soon as you hang out your “I am in to internet marketing” shingle on your facebook by joining groups about internet marketing! LOL!!

But I found the best way to go about learning about how to get traffic is to learn about free traffic first. It may take you longer to get sales of your offers using free traffic. But an in depth understanding of how to get free traffic is invaluable.

If you have plenty of free traffic and you want to invest some of your income back in to paid traffic, then you can do that too, no problems. This series of posts is all about getting men who have ZERO experience in Internet Marketing up and running. In later posts we will talk about the more complex things that you can do.

Just for now? Let’s talk about free traffic and how you get that.

What I am going to recommend to you now is to get another product from another mentor of mine. His name is John Thornhill and he is very well known for being able to get free traffic to his offers. Also, John is a great guy and works hard for his JVs. I am on his inner circle team and I really like the way John goes about his business.


So. What you want to do in this step is as follows:

1. Buy Simple Traffic Solutions on this link.
(Make sure you have your exclusive discount code from me!)


3. If you have questions about any aspect of the training please ask me.

John outlines the details of 16 different ways to get free traffic.

They are:

1. Ad swaps
2. Article Marketing
3. Blog Hopping
4. Blogging
5. Free Reports
6. Facebook Groups
7. Forums
8. Joint Ventures
9. Guest Blogging
10. Integration Marketing
11. Signatures
12. Social Marketing
13. SEO
14. Viral Marketing
15. Word of Mouth
16. Video Marketing

Now. Of course, you do not have to do all these things right away. What I want you to be aware of is that all these ways of getting free traffic exist. And you are going to have to learn at least SOME of them depending on what you decide to do next.

Obviously, at the moment you do not have a blog, or you very likely do not have a blog.

At this stage most of the people who will be in my team at this stage will only have a facebook or a twitter account. Some might have a you tube channel or other things. But mostly it will be facebook and twitter.

So go through this course and learn each of the techniques well enough to know what you are getting yourself in to for when you make your next decision. Because your next decision will start to direct you down one path or the other. Ok?

All the time you are learning from these videos and these books you should be inviting people to join your Express My Cash Freebies site.

You should be collecting plenty of email addresses just from Express My Cash Freebies during this period because that is going to serve as the starting point for your email list.

With this extra class the target is to get to USD300 in referral fees for Express My Cash Freebies before moving on to the next lesson, Ok?

If you want to learn a little bit about what I am recommending you buy using my discount code? Please watch this short video:


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