So…You Want to Be in Internet Marketing #002


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Today we are going to talk about “So you want to be in Internet Marketing”? # 002

In the previous post we talked about the simplest of simple internet marketing products. The Express My Cash Freebies product. If you took that offer and made money with it? Good for you!

If you did not read that post? I would recommend you click on this link.

The purpose of the offer was to get you to the position where you were actually able to make a little money online and get some experience and confidence in actually making some money. You should have made at least USD100 from that offer before trying to come across to this post. Of course, for those of you who have invested in the products that actually cost money you might have skipped #001 on purpose and that’s fine.

In this next step you are going to take a little bit of the money you made from selling referrals for product trials and re-invest it in your very small start up business.

The amount you are going to re-invest is less than the price of one referral. I will not put the price in the post because the price might change over time. The list price is USD77 but Michael Cheney offers the product at a discount occasionally.

So in lesson #001 I just said go and paste your Express My Cash Freebies link in as many places as you can. I suggested you put it on your twitter and your facebook for a start. I did not give you any more guidance on how to promote you link on facebook or much more about facebook and how to use it.

Not telling you more was quite deliberate. I wanted you to go out and see if you could sell some referrals to earn a little money. Hopefully by the time you read this you were able to sell five referrals and you made USD100.

Once you have made USD100 you will have gained a little confidence. You will know that yes, you CAN sell something online, even if it is a free product. It is important for you to get those first few sales to gain some confidence if you do not already have that confidence.

The next step, step #002, is to sell more referrals of Express My Cash Freebies via facebook.

If you are going to be successful in Internet Marketing?

You are going to have to make sure you are successful selling on facebook.

There are more than 1 billion people on facebook and many of them are people who will be willing to buy what it is you are selling if you present it the right way.

Now sure…you can go join many great facebook groups and selling programs. One of the best is Chris Records Dark Post Profits site which you can buy on this link. But since you are starting out on a budget we do not expect you to be able to buy in at the USD497 that it costs currently.

So I am recommending a product that I bought and I use. This is from a guy called Michael Cheney who is an Internet Marketing genius. The product is the “Fan Page Money Method”. You can buy it on this link.

What you need to do in this step is the following.

1. Buy Michael Cheneys “Fan Page Money Method” on this link.

2. ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK. is sad that it has to be said that when you buy a book it does you no good if you do not read it…after all? You can’t eat it!

3. Set up a facebook fan page for your internet marketing business.

4. Create a short you tube video.

5. Put it on the fan page according to the instructions in your book.

At this stage it is likely that you do not have your own web site. So you likely can not use the “tab traffic tweek” that is described in the video training inside Fan Page Money Method.

But you should be able to find your way around the facebook ads section and see how the ads work. You do not want to buy any ads at this point in time. You are likely not ready for that yet. But you do want to know what is available.
Now you have a fan page and a facebook you should join all those facebooks that make sense for you to join. There are some facebooks I am in that you will not be allowed to join because they are for members who have purchased specific products only.

In our members area I will keep and up to date list of ALL the facebook groups I am on. You can go in to the members area and check out the facebook groups I am on and join as many of them as you can.

On your facebook fan page you invite people you know to like it.

You also post your progress for your sales of Express My Cash Freebies.

As you sell more referrals and you can talk about the referrals you have sold then you put more of that “social proof” on to your facebook.

Those who are on your friends list or linked on your facebook fan page will see the updates and slowly, over time, more of them will give it a try. This is the old “success breeds success” approach where as people like you see you are having some success they are likely to follow you down the path you are going.

This style of selling is “see, do, sell” selling.

It is where you see something, you learn it, then you do it, and then you sell it to the next person who has to see it, learn it, then do it and so on.

The next person in the line will learn from you. So you want to be good at doing what it is you are doing.

So now get Michael Cheneys “Fan Page Money Method” on tthis link, set yourself up a fan page on facebook, and lets see how many more people you can get linked to your facebook and how many more people you can sell Express My Cash Freebies to!

I think we should keep doing this until you get to USD200 in referral fees. If you want to wait longer for lesson #003 fine. If you want to get started on lesson #003 sooner? That’s great too.

The great value for setting up blog entries like this is that you can do the lessons and move forward in your own small business at your own pace.

So the target is to get to USD200 in referral fees.

Then you will be ready for the next lesson!

If you want to move faster or slower? That is up to you.

If you are wondering what you are going to get from Michael Cheney Fan Page Money Method? You can watch this short video.


Thank you very much for your time.

It is much appreciated.

I wish you a great day.

Until next time!!

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