So…You Want to Be in Internet Marketing #001


Hi, it’s Peter here.

Thank you for dropping by to my blog. It is much appreciated!

Today we are going to talk about “So you want to be in Internet Marketing”?

This post is for the majority of my prospective Internet Marketing Mastermind Group members.

I expect that the majority of people who will come in to the group will be younger men.

The men who are responding the best so far are MGTOWs. The MGTOWs realise that there is little future for men in the corporate world. MGTOWs realise that if they join some corporate they will be fired for “stare raping” some woman.

MGTOWs also realise that they will have to spend some years working to climb the corporate ladder and so they might as well use that time time and energy to build their own business.

Internet Marketing perfectly aligns with the MGTOW philosophy and way of being.

I have even started a MGTOW Internet Marketing Group that you can access on this image.


The thing is, there is no “one right formula” or “one right way” to do Internet Marketing.

There are lots of different guys doing lots of different things. There are lots of ways and means to make good money at Internet Marketing. You will have to choose the path that is right for you. Not only will you MGTOW life, you will MGTOW Internet Marketing too.

Do not let ANYONE tell you there is only one way to live your life.

And do not let ANYONE tell you there is only one way to be successful at Internet Marketing.

Not even me! LOL!

Here at PNIM we support a number of different paths in Internet Marketing. We by no means support ALL paths of making money in Internet Marketing. We support the paths that are the highest probability to pay off with the least startup costs associated with them.

I feel that getting young men started. Getting them getting their first few payments. Getting their first USD100. Then their second USD100. Then their third USD100.

Getting them to USD500 in revenue…then to USD1000 in revenue.

That is the sort of thing we are doing for lads because most of the lads coming in to my group are “dead broke” and have zero experience in Internet Marketing.  So they have to be brought along the path from the very beginning.

If this describes you? Then read on!

(If you are an older man and have plenty of money? I will put up a separate post for you, ok?)

So. If you are still reading this you are a young man. You have very little money to spend. And you have almost no experience, if not no experience at all, in Internet Marketing. Right?


You are in the right place because I am going to teach you everything you need to know starting from that background. Ok?


I am going to lay this out for you so you can understand the components of what it is you need to be successful in Internet marketing.

1. You need a product to sell.

2. You need a way to sell it and get paid.

3. You need people to see your offer to consider buying your product.

There…that was easy, right?


Maybe its not so easy.

There are a million guys out there selling products and packages and plans that you could buy in to in order to resell the package online. And your problem is you are so new you do not know which product is the best.

Your problem is, quite literally, you do not know who to trust.

Well? You can trust me. From me you are going to get the truth.

Step 1 – Find a Product to Sell

Ok. For my students we are going to start with the very, very, VERY simplest of products.

Express My Cash Freebies.

What is Express My Cash Freebies?

Well, it is a site where you join and you test out one or two products to get 1 credit on the site.

You can take some 7 day trials and cancel the trial once you have got the credit you need.

If you actually like the product you trialled? You can keep it. I kept my RealPlayer Cloud trial because I liked it and it costs me all of USD5 per month to keep it.

If you do not have a credit card or live in a country where there are no credits to take? No problem! You just join up and then promote the product in the US/UK and Canada. When you get your first credit it will pass to me and then you get all the subsequent credits.

Each person you refer in to the network who qualifies earns you a USD20 referral fee.

So that is what Express My Cash Freebies is.

It is an advertising network where the advertisers pay for referrals who try out their new products and services. And some of the trials are very cool indeed!

Why Start With Express My Cash Freebies?

There are a number of reasons I am starting my students with Express My Cash Freebies.

They are as follows.

1. You do not have to ask your family and friends for money.

Lots of young men starting out in Internet Marketing are terrified of asking their family and friends for money. “Selling” has got an undeserved bad reputation. Everyone loves buying things but most people look down on salesmen.

So when getting started one of the most difficult things a lot of young men find is the confronting idea of asking people for money.

With Express My Cash Freebies you do not even need to ask people for money. You are asking them to join a free referral site to make money for themselves. You are saying to them IF they want to try out some of the trial products they are welcome to but they don’t HAVE to.


2. It is simple.

There is no simpler offer or simpler system out there than Express My Cash Freebies. We also promote Instant PayDay Network which is a marketing system for Express My Cash Freebies. But some men find even THAT too difficult.

So with Express My Cash Freebies all you have is one site where you get one referral link. And all you have to do is get other people to click on that link and sign up to the site using your referral link.


3. It Pays Well.

You will get USD20 for each person you refer to the site who gets their 1 point credit. That is very good money for the sort of work involved. You place ads in places where people will see them and you can get paid.

For example? If you know how to put an ad in craigslist? You can make money with this.

If you have lots of friends on facebook? You can make money with this.

You just put your link out there and tell people that you make money doing this, and some of them will follow you in.

And at USD20 a follow. It does not get any easier than this.


4. It is transparently honest.

A lot of “programs” in the internet world are reasonably opaque, meaning that it is hard to tell what they are really all about until you try them. Some of them turn out to be scams. Some of them turn out to be real.

My Cash Freebies is very well known and it is trusted by fortune 500 companies to bring people in who are interested in trialling new products and services. These fortune 500 companies are not handing their money over for no reason.

They have people who can assess and understand the value of the advertising they buy and the effectiveness of that advertising.

These fortune 500 companies spend millions of dollars with the My Cash Freebies network because they know it is an honest set up with good return on their marketing dollars.

Similarly, from the other end, when the consumer joins any My Cash Freebies site it is very clear what they are getting. It is very open, very transparent, and very honest.

So people who are new to Internet Marketing can present the My Cash Freebies fanchise to their friends and know that their friends will have an honest, open, transparent experience of the process.

How to Start With My Cash Freebies

It could not be simpler. First, you simply click on this image.


Once you click on that image you will be faced with a screen like this.


Notice at the top of the screen will be the number 371960. That is my affiliate number. It came from the link you clicked.

You will see the 4 steps to winning great prizes.

1. Sign up
2. Complete Offers.
3. Refer friends.
4. Get Rewards

That’s it. That is all you have to do. If you refer friends via ads rather than “real” friends that is up to you.

Notice at the bottom left of the screen you have $20 Payment (1 referral).

This is what you want. So make sure that radio button is clicked.

Now. When you scroll down you will see the bottom half of the screen and it looks like this.


You should see the text “You are being referred by user ID 371960”.

If you do not see this message do NOT sign up because you are not coming in under me if you do not see that message. OK?

I will not be paid if you do not see that message just exactly like that.

Now. If you DO see that message just exactly like that? Go ahead and put your best email address in to the email address spot available and click “Next Step”.

Once you go in you will have a profile tab where you need to enter your details in order to be able to qualify to be paid. There are a number of ways to be paid but paypal would be the best. You can see what my profile screen looks like, with details removed of course, on the image below.  Your paypal address can be different to your email address you used to join.

You can see my referral link on this page is.


Now. Once you have filled in your details so that My Cash Freebies knows who you are and where you live you can go to the offers tab.

Now remember, this is optional. And for your family and friends it will be optional too. If you do not want to take some offers to get your one point credit you can decline.

If you have no offers because of where you live you have no choice.

Here is my offers page. Yours will look different.


On the offers page you will see what offers are valid for your country of residence. Obviously different companies offer different trials and freebies in different countries. So you should be honest about where you live so that you get the offers for your country.

I live in Germany and there are only 14 offers on the site at the current point in time in Germany. You can see from the screen above that I took the following three offers to get my one credit.

  • Real Player Cloud (which I kept)
  • Files (which turns out not to allow you to upload files which is what I wanted)
  • Video Stripe (Which I tried out and then cancelled inside the 7 day trial period.)

You can see the credit values that each one had to get me over the one credit.

So if you want to take some offers so that you can get started making money right away then just pick the offers you want to take. You will be asked for a credit card even if the offers are free because My Cash Freebies uses the credit card to validate the credit value of the product. They cross check credit card numbers with existing clients so as to not allow the same person to create multiple accounts to get payments that are not deserved.

Fair enough, right?

For many of the offers if you cancel inside 7 days you will not be charged. For others there is a fee that is not refundable. For others you have to stay on the service for a while to get the credit. So make sure you check the terms of the item you want to try carefully.

Also, review items in detail so that you can explain all this to the people you recommend it to in the future, ok?

If you do not take out some trials then your first USD20 payment will come to me for referring you. After that? You keep every payment for people you refer. If you do take a few trials and get your one point credit I will be paid USD20 as a one time referral fee. And I will see that on my referral summary page.

You will also see I referred you as “Joschua Boehm” which is the name I like to use here in Germany. Boehm is a family name on my mothers side.

Getting People To Your Link

Once you are set up you need to get people to your link who are likely to sign up for your “product”.

This is where your affiliate link comes in to play.

Here is my affiliate link.

I have a product that lets me use this link because it looks better.

But don’t you worry about that yet. We are doing the “I have no money” start up, ok?

What you now need to do is to put your link in places where people will see it such that they might click on it and actually join the site via your link.

As I said. You will not be able to put this link directly in to facebook. Mark Zuckerberg does NOT want you making money without paying for advertising and that is fair enough. So what you do is use

express.mycashfreebies (dot) com/index.php?ref=371960

You will have your own affiliate number. But hey, if you make a mistake and use mine and I get paid? That’s ok by me!

The people on your facebook or twitter will figure out that they need to replace (dot) with a dot easily enough. Especially when you tell them they can earn some money if they join up.

And then you say something like:


All my facebook friends!

A buddy of mine showed me how to make money online referring friends to this thing called My Cash Freebies.

It’s cool and it works and you get paid USD20 per referral to the network.

Click on my link to sign up and check it out…for free.

Once you have signed up I will see that.

Then if you have any questions? Just ask! Ok?

Here is the link. Just replace (dot) with a real dot!

express.mycashfreebies (dot) com/index.php?ref=371960

Thanks for checking this out!

It is as easy as that!!

Now. Of course, some people are going to criticise you even though you are offering them an opportunity to make money for free!!

One of my mentors said to me the other day:

“Peter, if I sent out an email saying I will pay everyone who responds to the email USD100 SOME of the people on my list will complain to me. That’s how it is!”

One of the “skills” you are going to have to learn in Internet Marketing is to hear people criticise you for trying to help them. It is very common. So you might as well get used to it on this free product because you will need to be used to it on the more expensive products you will sell in the future.

Now…that’s it!

This is your FIRST LESSON in Internet Marketing.

Your FIRST product is the Express My Cash Freebies product.

Your FIRST audience to put it in front of are your social media sites, forums etc that you frequent.

No web site to build. No email list to create. Nothing.

Just put this link in front of people and “talk it up”.

By doing this you will get your first few sales. You will see people sign up. You will see some of them qualify for their one point credit and some of them will not.

You should see about 10% of people actually qualify.

Yes. That’s right. About 90% of the people you give your link to and who actually join will never qualify and never get more referrals themselves. If you experience more than 10%? Please let me know because I would be interested to hear about your success.



So at the top I said that this was for young men who had little money and no experience in Internet Marketing.

I have given you the simplest of step by step instructions on how to get a product to sell and how to place that product in front of people who know you so that some of them will sign up to your offer.

You should be ready for some rejection, ready for some nasty comments, ready for some ridicule.

It is sad that today people make nasty comments and ridicule young men who are just trying to learn a skill like make money online.

But have no fear! Once you are an internet millionaire you will have the last laugh!!


Go and give this a go and see how you get on.

When you create your account on Express My Cash Freebies I will see that happen on my panel.

If you have any questions at that stage? Please feel free to ask me!

Good luck selling Express My Cash Freebies to everyone you know!

This is the challenge of selling your first product on the internet!!

The goal is to get you to USD100 in payments in you paypal account.


Once you are at USD100 in payments in to your paypal?

You will be ready for the next lesson!

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions below. I will be sure to reply.

Thank you very much for your time.

It is much appreciated.

I wish you a great day.

Until next time!!

Best Regards




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