Ex-cop sent to Google jail


Peter Froud spent 32 years fighting criminals as a police officer but when he retired he found himself on the other side of the “bars”…

He’d turned his brilliant detective-mind to the task of unlocking the mysteries of the Google ranking system.

Determined to “crack the code” and get page 1 rankings easily Peter was taken in by promises of ranking software, shady backlinks and old-hat SEO techniques.

The result?

Google threw him in the slammer.

All his sites were banned and after 9 solid months’ working (and countless thousands of money wasted on software) he was back to square one;

None of his websites were ranked anywhere in Google.

So he dusted himself down, drew on his inquisitive talents and began reverse-engineering how to really get page 1 rankings on Google (without needing to spend money, buy software, do SEO or get backlinks).

It wasn’t easy.

In fact, it took him 12 months to find the way.

But find the way he did.

And it works in minutes.

(For anyone).

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