I See Free Taxis – They are Everywhere…


And they do not even know they are free…

It was a dark and stormy mid-winters night…

I was on a flight from London to Frankfurt.

The lightning split the sky outside my window.

The plane was being flung around the sky like a plastic bag in a breeze.


This is my plane in the storm!

I was sound asleep.

I had long learned to sleep on even the roughest flights. Some people were saying their prayers…I snoozed in total relaxation and confidence.

The wind was so vicious that the pilot had to go around three times before he felt confident enough to put the plane on the ground.

Of course, we were parked away from the terminal and would have to catch a bus back to the terminal. The lashing wind made any thought of an umbrella a complete joke! I simply strolled through the lashing wind and rain to the bus…accepting that this night I was going to get a little wet.

We got across to the border patrol in reasonable time. Being a Friday night I figured that it would be the usual dogs breakfast and it would take ages to get through.


At Passport Control The Women Waited!

When I walked into the passport checking area I did a double take. What was going on here? There were about 8 booths open and processing people for passports. But here was the thing. There were only MEN and BOYS lined up at the booths. All the women and girls were standing to one side. There were about 200 women and girls standing off to one side cheerfully talking to each other like nothing was strange about this sight at all.

I took my glasses of, cleaned them, and put them back on. But no…the women were still standing off to the side and the men were happily going through the border patrol. Hmm? What was this all about?

Never one to miss a chance I figured I might as well get in line and go through. After all? I figured I would be saving at least 15 minutes if I did so, and the women seemed quite happy where they were.

I made my way to the luggage belts and again I was faced with a similar sight!

The men and boys were retrieving their luggage. The women were standing back?

What the hell was going on?

As I made my way across the terminal to get to the taxi rank I glanced around the terminal. Everywhere I looked there were only women manning the places of work. Women were behind all the service counters. Women were working behind all the shop counters. There were even a few women janitors cleaning the floor in various spots where the passengers had left water from their luggage. The water on the floor could lead to someone slipping over.

I got to the front of the terminal were I knew the taxi rank was. I was not looking forward to waiting outside for a taxi. I figured the lashing rain would be coming in despite the generous cover.

Again I was shocked!!!


I love How There Are Always Taxis In Germany!

Inside the doors to the terminal there were about 200 men and boys lined up for taxis. And about another 200 women and girls standing off to the side to let the men go ahead!! What the HELL was going on tonight?!?!

But again, I was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. My fav#3 and I had arrange to have dinner at her favourite little Italian restaurant and the 200 women and girls standing to the side represented at least 30 minutes standing time waiting for a cab.

Damn it! I had waited for women enough in my life to take the 30 minute break with both hands!!

When I got into my cab the driver was a nice young lady who asked me where I would like to go. I gave her the address, which she knew, and we headed over to the restaurant.

On arrival I took my wallet out to pay for the fare.

She said “That is fine Sir, the taxis are free today.”

WHAT?!?! A Free Taxi ride?

I have worked all over the world. I have worked in more than 200 companies in 20 countries. I have NEVER had a free taxi ride!!! I have always been asked to pay for my taxi rides and never offered a free ride. Things were just plain weird now!!!

I thanked the young woman profusely as I put my wallet back in to my jacket pocket. She wished me a good evening with my girlfriend.


We like to be in the back corner!

I checked my luggage with the front desk and soon spotted my fav#3 sitting at our regular table. We had organised with the owner to give us a table towards the back out of the way of any prying eyes and noise. It was not a “popular” table and he was happy to make sure we got our privacy when we would drop by for dinner.

I told my fav#3 about the very strange happenings at the airport, and how I did not have to pay for my taxi. He response was surprise.

“Really? You didn’t have to pay for your taxi? How unusual!”

But there was a glint in her eye that said “I know something you don’t know”. Since she was not volunteering I decided to just let it be and enjoy our dinner.

We had our usual lovely dinner together. She is the sweetest and nicest woman I know. Just amazing. So sad that we were just friends and we would part ways soon enough.

I kept my eye on the clock because I was going to catch another cab over to the main train station and head on home. The train was leaving at midnight and I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to call a cab and get to the station with plenty of time to get the train.

At 11:30pm I called for the bill and told my fav#3 I was going to call a cab. She replied with a smirk on her face.

“You do not need to worry about that? I have taken care of it.”

With which she took out her phone and sent a short text. Her phone beeped in reply inside 30 seconds. And she said:

“Your taxi will be here in 5 minutes. A friend of mine offered to drop you to the station tonight.”

That is just the sort of person she is…organising cabs like that.

In 5 minutes her phone beeped again. She checked it and said “Your taxi awaits you Peter”.

“But the bill has not arrived yet…I have to wait to pay the bill.”

And then there was that smirk again as she said.

“Not to worry. Tonight is my shout.  You have bought me plenty of meals. Let me buy you this one.”

She was right. I had paid for many of her meals so letting her pay for this meal would no big deal.

I collected my checked baggage and made my way out to the cab. The luggage safely in the boot I jumped into the passenger side front seat. I noticed that the cab driver was another young lady. I guess I was just having a run of luck with the taxi drivers tonight.

As we took off in the cab I noticed that the meter was turned off. So I mentioned to the girl that she had to turn the meter on to get the correct fare. Her answer was:

“You are a friend of my friend, your ride is free tonight. So just sit back and relax! We will be at the station in 10 minutes, in plenty of time for the train you need to catch.”

And sure enough we were at the station in good time. I made my way over to the ticket counter to pick up my ticket. The woman looked at me in some surprise but then noticed the luggage and smiled.

“Where have you come from tonight Sir?”

“I have just come in from London. I had a nice dinner with a friend and now it is time to make my way home.”

“Ok, great Sir” she said. “Tonight your train ticket is free. You can simply board the train.”


My Free Train Back to My Home!

Again, I was shocked. I had never had a free train ride in Germany. I pressed the woman about what was I to tell the ticket inspectors? She laughed and said:

“All the ticket inspectors know that your ticket is free today Sir.”

Now things were just plain weird! The TRAINS giving free tickets? I had never heard of such a thing!!

Sure enough, some ticket inspectors came along and checked the tickets for all the women and girls and simply ignored all the men and boys. As the stewardess came along I ordered a beer for the trip. When she brought it I pulled out my wallet to pay…and again she said “Your drink is on the house today Sir! No need for you to pay today!”


Free BEER?!

On a TRAIN?!

Stranger and stranger!

My stop is about 1 hour from Frankfurt and we pulled in at 1am as due. I made my way out to the front of the station where the taxi rank is. There were, of course, plenty of free taxis at this time of night and I got my taxi easily.

And again it was the same routine…the meter was off and the taxi ride was free. The young woman taxi driver seemed quite amused that I did not seem to know what was going on!

By now I was very tired. It has been a long week. I was home to my beloved waterbed.

I took an ever so fast shower to wash off the dust of the day and collapsed into bed by 1:30am. I fell asleep in second and slept the sleep of the contented dead! LOL!!

In the morning I woke up feeling not only refreshed and ready for my weekend, but strangely feeling somehow “better” for having been on the receiving end of so many freebies the previous day. I had a shave and brushed my teeth.

As I was about to make my breakfast the thought struck me that “Heck, there is a new restaurant near me that does cooked breakfasts, I might as well go there and get a freebie breakfast this morning!!”

So I wrapped up in my massive leather coat that I had bought so many years before in Norway and headed out for my freebie breakfast!

And a lovely breakfast it was. I had a double portion of bacon and two eggs along with a second coffee. Why not? It was going to be free, right?

When I finished the waitress asked me if there was anything else I would like to eat this morning. I told her no, I was quite fine thank you very much.


She Gave Me a BILL!




So I asked her. I said that since I arrived in Frankfurt last night all my taxis, trains and meals had been free. I told her about the airport. My meal with my girlfriend. My taxis and train ride.

How come she was asking me for money?

At this point she burst out laughing!!

She said

“I am sorry to be the one to tell you this Sir.

You see, us German women, we decided that our men are so wonderful, so great, and do so much for us German women that we would have one day where we would “Treat Men Like A Lady”!

We decided that for one day, we would make everything free for men. We would have “Gentlemen first” in all situations. That is why you saw women and girls standing back and letting the men and boys go first. That is why your meals were paid for.

That is why your transport was free.

At your age Sir, I am sure you know that women are afforded these privileges on a regular basis. We get free drinks, free meals, free travel, free holidays. Indeed, we even know we get free houses in divorce. That is not unknown to us.

So we decided, for one day, we would “Treat Men Like a Lady” and we would give you some freebies.”

“And today?”

“Well, today Sir, we are back to business as usual. Freebies are only for Ladies, not for men. I doubt we will be doing that again in your lifetime, so I sincerely hope you enjoyed it!”

LOL! I just shook my head. She was right of course.

Women get free entry to clubs. Free drinks. Free meals. Free holidays. Free houses.

Women get a LOT of free things in their lives…and all paid for by some desperate man most of the time.

We laughed as I paid the bill and said “that feels more normal”.


And, of course, the moral of the story is this.

A lot of men in the Internet Marketing Area ask other men to do things for them for free. They ask for things without offering to pay the man for his time.

If you are one of those men? If you think that other men should do something for you without you offering to pay?

I suggest you do this.

Look down.

Do you see breasts?

If not?

Check your male privilege and offer to pay your fellow men for their time.

After all? Free is only for women, paid for by some desperate man.


This sign is for women only!

Lastly? Some women will call this story “sexist”.

Sure. It is.

And it is just as “sexist” every time a man pays for something for a woman.

After all? Women have “equal work for equal pay” and yet still expect “freebies”. That is pretty “sexist”.

Am I right?

I hope you enjoyed the story!

If you are not on my list?

Best Regards


PS. Some women have called me “sexist” for pointing out that in the vast majority of cases men pay for womens meals etc. Apparently it is NOT sexist when women are given free stuff but it IS sexist if a man points it out. Go figure! LOL!




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