May the Force Be With You!


Luke…I am your father.

It is an iconic movie line.

Who hasn’t head that movie line?

So anyway…I was online a while ago and I started seeing stories about the new Star Wars movie.

There was even a trailer.

Here is the one I saw. It was loaded on to you tube in November 2014.

You can check the date. It has 69 MILLION views.

The punch line is at the end.

December 2015!

Yes, that’s right.

The first trailer for the new star wars movie was released MORE THAN A YEAR before the movie is due out.

And then there is this trailer.

“Chewy, we’re home.”

The lesson is this.

No matter what you and I say about it.

People have been conditioned to pre launch hype for everything from movies to cell phones.

No one starts selling a product that is already available any more.

No one.

They sell “future products”.

Even if the product IS available people will hold back the “bonus” or the “discount” to a certain time to create the perception of “scarcity” because scarcity sells.

Personally? I disagree with this sort of selling.

It is like “black friday” or the “boxing day sales” after Christmas time.

The day after Christmas you can buy what did not sell before Christmas for half the price in general.

No matter whether you and I disagree with this method of selling. It is how people have been conditioned to buy.

So, when you sell in Internet Marketing you have to warm up your list to the sale in a pre-sales mode.

Then you launch the promotion of the product for a limited period using bonuses or discounts.

And then you close out the sale period and the product goes back to the “recommended retail price” until it come around on the promotion schedule again.

This is how retailers do it.

And they do it for a reason.

This is how we have to do it in internet marketing as well.

If you want to find out exactly how to do these things and more?

If you want a “machine” where all the hard work is done for you?

Check this out.

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