You Are The Dumbest Genius I Ever Met!


Ouch! My best friend had just rebuked me harshly.

Of course, he was doing it out of compassion for my stupidity and not out of malice.

The story was that I had been quite friendly with a woman I call my “fav#1” for nearly two years at the time. But because I was taking on criminals in governments, which is dangerous work, I didn’t want to move forward with that relationship.

It was December 2010.

It had become obvious that for my efforts in exposing crimes of government employees I would not be jailed…or worse.

And so when I returned to Germany from Australia and had dinner with my “fav#1” just before Christmas I thought it was time to tell her how I really felt.

M-I-S-T-A-K-E !!!

“Oh what a beta I am”…

As soon as I “fessed up”?

She treated me like a leper.


You know the deal.

Not returning calls or texts.

She turned immediately to “treat him mean and see if he will pass the “sh*t tests”.”

Every beta has been through this, right?

My best friend sat opposite me at dinner and said:

“I just do not understand how a man who is as brilliant as you, a genius, the smartest man I ever met, can be such a complete idiot!

How can you be so stupid around women?!!

I mean, damn, you are a complete moron!!!

Have you learned NOTHING about women in your 46 years on this planet!”


There is a lesson to be learned here.

Sure. I am a very smart guy in some areas.

Just ask any of my clients over the last 25 years.

They will tell you that I am one of the smartest people they ever met, if not THE smartest man they ever met.

Some of my pals are smarter than me. And I really like talking with them about the complexities of Business Intelligence.

But when it came to women?

I was of the “if you just be the best man you can be, and if you treat women well and respect them, they will be decent human beings to you in return” variety of beta smuck.

That was what my mum taught me as a little boy.

I believed her.

She lied.

There are always areas of our lives where we are “betas”.

Where we do not know nearly as much as what we think we know.

Where we think what we know is “how it is” but we could not be more wrong.

Internet Marketing is one of those areas.

An area where we might well think that we know how to go about it but we don’t really.

Because if you REALLY knew how to go about internet marketing? You would already be making plenty of money out of it already.


Don’t be like me.

Don’t go through the pain and frustration of having your best friend tell you that you are a brain dead idiot in an important area of you life.

Get learning about how to go about internet marketing the right way for you today!


For Men Interested in a Home Based Internet Business.


For Men Interested in Internet Marketing for Companies.


Best Regards





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