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Hi Guys,
well I put out a post on my linkedin last week about the launch of Traffic Zombie.

Wow, this is cool.

At the launch Shawn and Brian put the product up for a lifetime license cost of just USD47 if you gave them a referral for the software at purchase. It was USD97 down from USD197 for the launch.

If you saw the post and said “What is that Peter trying to sell now” and left it alone? And you are looking for leads? You made a mistake.

I am already seeing shares and clicks coming back from the first post I put a Traffic Zombie form on….And I have only had my first campaign live for a couple of hours!

You can get more free traffic with Traffic Zombie!

Here is how it works.

You have a blog page, like this, right? And you want more people to come to your blog, right?

So you offer your readers a freebie, something that is not on the blog, if they will do you the favour of sharing the love on facebook or twitter, ok?

So your reader shares the post on his twitter or facebook and then he gets the link to the freebie right away.

The share that he puts on twitter or facebook comes right back to the post that your reader was just looking at, only it is someone else. And that someone else is the friend of the person who gave you the referral!

So now TWO people are talking about your post.

How cool is THAT!

And so on and on it goes! The more people who read your posts the better off you are.

And Traffic Zombie gives your readers a reason to share your posts and makes sure the share happens.

If you want to see how this works?

Try out the form below!

Now, of course, you can click on the image below so that you too can get Traffic Zombie and start getting more eyeballs to your site via social sharing of your existing readers. But you are going to have to pay the USD197 now and the image below is my affiliate link.

On the other hand? You can get me to build your campaign for you for a small fee depending on the campaign, right?

And you do not even have to buy and learn Traffic Zombie like I just did, right?

Got a blog you want more traffic to?

Set up a Traffic Zombie campaign today to give away a quality freebie and watch those page views soar!

Best Regards


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