A Little About Peter Nolan


Hello and Welcome

Hi, it’s Peter here.

Thank you for dropping by to my blog. It is much appreciated!

Now that you have arrived at my new Internet Marketing Mastermind Group it’s only fair and reasonable that I should tell you a little about myself.

Sure, if you just want to be a “casual shopper” on my site you can go through the shop and check out the products that I recommend and use.

You can read the reviews of them.

You can watch the demonstrations of them.

You are welcome to pick up a product or two in the safe and certain knowledge that you will not find any product in my store that is garbage. If it is in my store? I know that it is a good value for money product that does what it says it does.

Indeed? I use nearly every product in the store. If I do not use it personally in my internet marketing business I will say so in the comments about the product. Deal?

Ok. Great!

Now sure….this site has a store just like most businesses have a store.

This site is REALLY about finding those people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

This site is REALLY about finding people who want to become part of “the Family and Friends”.

What “Family and Friends”?

The Peter Nolan Internet Marketing Group “Family and Friends”. That “Family and Friends”.

I will write more about “Family and Friends” in another blog post.

Now…We are going to run the group as a business, sure. Lots of families run their own businesses.

It is going to be run as an MLM business.

Now what do I mean by that? Everyone hears MLM and loses their mind like all companies are not MLM to some extent or other. Even governments are MLMs with the exception that if you do not “buy” their services they tend to call you a criminal and put you in jail! LOL!!

Ever tried not “buying” the “free” services your government provides?

How does THAT usually work out? LOL!! Not good, right?

Some Ideas On How The Group Will Run

So by MLM I mean that each of us is going to keep our eyes open for people we want to sponsor into the group. People come in to our group by personal invitation and they need to be well aligned with what we are out to achieve.

The sponsor sells their products and services to the new “family member”.

No one steals anyone elses new family member around here. Stealing new members can get you kicked out of the family. Ok?

So, for example? When you join the group the very first thing you might set up, if you do not already have it, is a woo commerce (or similar) store. In that store you will put the products you are willing to put your name against. Right? Just like me.

If you do not have a web site then you can get one via JV Zoo Hosting on my affiliate link. That means I get paid for you getting your web site, right? JV Zoo Hosting is a great place to put your store web site.

When YOU sponsor someone in to the group and they do not have a web site? Then they get their JV Zoo Hosting web site from your link, not my link. The new family member is YOUR client to take care of. Not mine. So YOU should be paid for all the products and services YOUR client buys from YOU. Right?

Remember this is YOUR business, right?

There are some products we sell that have a two tier commission structure like iPAS2. That means that when you sell iPAS2 I get a small piece of commission for bringing you in to iPAS2 in the first place. Ok? If you don’t like the commission structure of a product or service? Simply don’t buy it.

I am going to talk more about how the group will be in later posts. Just for now, remember we are running it as “Family and Friends” and that means we all play nice in the sand pit. Ok?

Who Am I To Start An Internet Marketing Group?

So. Who am I to be putting my shingle out as an “Internet Marketing Consultant” while I am not yet making any money worth counting out of selling on the Internet.

Doesn’t that sound just a bit arrogant?

Well? I was born and raised in country Australia, Wagga Wagga to be exact. You can look it up on Google. If you want to see the house I grew up in Google Earth has photos of it. It is 22 Nilma Avenue, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650, Australia.

I had a normal upbringing which led on to a most extraordinary life. I only know one other lad I grew up with who I would agree has lived a more extraordinary life than I have. His name is Mark Taylor. You might know his name. He was captain of the Australian Cricket Team for many years and a great opening batsman for our country.

Marks sister Tina was in my class and, of course, we played cricket with each other on the school team and against each other in our weekend teams. Mark lived in a different area so he played for a different club.

Today I am 51. As I look back on my life to date it is surreal. That a kid from the dusty playing fields of Wagga Wagga could live my life just does not seem real to me even though I was there.

I got my first job at 18 and soon discovered I had a God Given Gift for writing computer code. I don’t know how that happened. I was just very, very good at it. I wasn’t at first. I was terrible at first. But after a few months I got the hang of writing a language called PL/I. Pronounced PL-One.

At the end of 1985 I got my BIG BREAK. I was offered a position at IBM as a trainee programmer. I started that job in January 1986. Even though IBM offered me the least money of the three formal offers I received, I grabbed it with both hands.

This was the opportunity of a lifetime for which I am eternally grateful to IBM despite competing against IBM later in life.

One my first day at IBM, like an excited puppy, I had lunch with my new manager and his manager as well. Their names were Terry and Ron, both long since retired. Great guys. I loved working for them.

I will never forget that as we ate our lunch Ron, who was so old that I think he was even in his 50s…YIKES!!!

Ron asked me a question. He said “Peter, can you sleep on aeroplanes?”

Of course, my reply was:

“I am not rightly sure Mr. Witham, I have never been on an aeroplane.”

LOL! I can remember that question like it was yesterday.

Rons answer was: “Well, get yourself a passport. Sleeping on aeroplanes is going to be something that you are going to have to learn to do. It will be one of the most important skills you will develop here at IBM.”

I was like “WT?” What is this all about?

Sure enough. I took my first flight in November 1986 and I was working in Wellington New Zealand.

That was followed by a 13 week stint in Hong Kong in 1987, 8 weeks in Malaysia in 1988, along with lots of other trips up to Asia to teach classes and mentor other people in their jobs.

On those projects we would work our tails off and we would deserve our pay rises and promotions.

In 1990 I was recognised for my world leadership and contribution in the development of IBMs Software Configuration and Library Management (SCLM) software.  I was awarded an 8 week residency project in IBMs Santa Teresa Lab near San Francisco California to write a book about this new product I had contributed so much to.

I was over the moon! Imagine little old me. Personally invited by the greatest software GOD IBM had, one Ueli Wahli, to come and write a book as a resident on his team. Almost NO ONE had ever won such a residency from our Information Systems Department. It was a very unusual turn of events.

I duly spent the 8 weeks working my tail off writing this book and writing software with my two team mates, Ralph and Claude. It was hailed as one of the best books of its kind. A technical book and the subject was how to manage source code in the IBM Environment using the SCLM product.

With about 2 weeks to run on my residency the phone rang. It was an old IBM friend of mine who worked on assignment for IBM at one of Australia’s largest banks, Westpac. She was now working on the International Space Station Project in Houston because that was her home town.

She was also very good in software, the best woman software developer I ever met, which is why she had been on assignment with Westpac.

Anyway. She had a problem on the International Space Station Project. She thought I might just be the person who could solve this problem because it had to do with managing the source code for the 800 or so programmers working on the project.

She asked me if I would be willing to cut in to my holidays to spend a few days in Houston to look into this problem.

BOY!!! WOULD I?!?!

When I was 5 Armstrong landed on the moon. On that day, as a 5 year old, I vowed “One day I will work at NASA!” All my family and friends humoured me and said “sure, work hard, study hard, you can work at NASA one day.”



How many kids from Wagga Wagga had ever made it to work at NASA?!

But here I was…..I was flying on IBMs dime to go NASA in Houston and spend 3 days with one of the most brilliant software people in the world. A women who has personally invited me to work with her because she thinks I might be able to figure something out that no one else at IBM has been able to figure out.

Sooooooo Cool!

And yes. I did design a new way of handling the source code for the International Space Station back in that hot July 1990.

I was just 26 at the time!

My 5 year olds dream of “I will work for NASA one day” came true in just 21 years.

I always say “dream BIG”. Beats the hell out of dreaming small, right?

Having lived the dream of working at NASA it was time to put that childish 5 year old idea behind me and really make my mark in the world. On the way back from that assignment I truly felt anything was possible if I just work hard enough at it!!

I mean. If a kid from small rural town in country Australia can be invited, at the tender age of 26, to design the new source code management system for the International Space Station because no one else at IBM can figure this out?

There might just be fairies at the bottom of the garden, right?

Moving from Software Development to Sales and Marketing

I had become world famous inside IBM. I was called “Mr SCLM” and people all over the world of IBM would be asking me for help.

I put the product, SCLM, into many of Australia’s largest companies. My ideas allowed IBM to win such clients as the Federal Aviation Authority in the US.

The BIG clients were moving to SCLM and everyone knew I was one of the key players who had invented many of the key ideas to make that possible.

Hell, I was even on the review committed for future releases and I do not recall one single idea I ever put forward NOT making it into the product.

Good for ones ego! Right?


I hated the fame. I really did.

I just wanted to go about my job and be the best I could be at my job. I never wanted to be “famous”. I still don’t.

On returning from this residency in August 90 I moved to a new career.

I went from “Software Development” to “Sales and Marketing” in IBM.

I was to advise IBM customers how to make best use of IBMs products in the area of Software Development.

At the tender age of 27 I was advising some of the largest companies in Australia how to use IBM products to improve their software development processes.


These next years were hard times for me. 1991 to 2000. Jennifer and I bought our second house in 1992. We had two children, a girl Josephine in 91, a boy Joshua in 93. My wife had a lot of time off from her job at IBM so we were perpetually “broke”.

We were extending our mortgage while my wife was on maternity leave. Jennifer also had two children from her first marriage who were born in 81 and 83 so I was the sole income earner for a family of 6 with my job at IBM.

Of course, at 26 to 30 years of age IBM did not pay enough for a man to support a family of 6 in Sydney even though I was very well paid for my age and level. I was making more than my peers because I was working harder and longer hours than almost all my peers. Only a guy called Tony would be there longer and working harder than I was.

He was totally crazy!!  And my good friend!

IBM used to pay for performance until the disaster that was 1992. So working longer and harder was rewarded.

In April 1991 I attended a demonstration of a piece of software called “IBMs Data Interpretation System (DIS)”. I had seen the future. And I knew it. And I got the job of installing this software.

I soon became Mr. DIS.

DIS lives on as Meta5. You can visit their web site here. www.meta5.com.

This project was the fore runner of what we now call “Big Data”. This was a Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence project. We didn’t even have names for it in 1991.

I worked very hard on this new area because I could see that this was the future of computing technology. In 1991 the world had invested BILLIONS in to writing transaction processing systems such as banking and airline ticketing. But the data was locked up in these mainframes and it was too expensive to query. That was changing.

The idea that the transactions that were stored in these massive computers might be able to be put in to a relational database and queried to provide “Business Intelligence” was a “no brainer”.

I rose to be one of the top people in the country in this area of Business Intelligence.

Things were bad at IBM in 1993 and 1994 and they were happy for people to leave as long as they did not compete with IBM in the marketplace.

I left IBM in 1994 to start my own company in large part due to my wifes refusal to go back to work. She just quit. And IBM was never going to pay me enough money to support a family of 6 in Sydney. It was a case of start my own company to make enough money to stay in our house or sell the house and move to a cheaper area.

Having been raised with the propaganda “It is the mans job to provide for his family” I took on starting my own company and earning enough money to stay in the house we had bought. I worked extremely hard over the next few years and this caused me a lot of health problems that affect me to this very day.

By 2000 I was one of the top people in Australia in the area of Business Intelligence. There were very, very few others who had, by that time, the experience and skills that I had. This was well compensated and I was able to do very well in my jobs from 1996 to 2000.

I was able to provide for my family and keep our house. Job done, right?

Things had gone so well that there was enough money to get another loan from the bank and renovate our house in 2000. By 2000 I was making 2.5 times what IBM was paying me in 1994. Even with the ridiculous taxes in Australia I was able to support our family in good style by 2000.

And then….as they say….something happened.

Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

Life took an unexpected turn.

The company I was working for and very happy with was bought out by another company. A company that I was not going to be very happy with. These things happen and are part of the rough and tumble of corporate life.

Your happy little home gets sold. Suck it up soldier!

This turn of events turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Now that I was working for people who did not like me and did not appreciate me it was time to cast an eye out for “what might be next”.

A friend of mine was working for Sean Kelly who was, by then, the VP of Business Intelligence for a company called Sybase. Sean was a legend in the Business Intelligence industry and my friend recommended me to Sean to come and work for him.

After some difficulties the deal was done. Jennifer, our two children, and myself relocated to Dublin in February 2001. The other two children both being out of the family home by then.

My friend had said “If you want to move forward in Business Intelligence? You have to work for Sean. We are the worlds leaders.”

My friend was, in my opinion, the #1 banking Business Intelligence guy in the world so his comments were not to be taken lightly.

He was right.

The work that Sean Kelly and his team at Sybase were doing was unparalleled. No one was anywhere NEAR what they were doing. I was so thankful for my friend in recommending me.

Sean and I went on to be great friends and we worked together frequently from 2001 to 2012.

Sean recently passed away. A great loss for us all. If you want to meet the great man? Here is a video about one of our clients.

You can read all about my company on this site. www.instantbi.com.

So you see. I am one of the worlds top Business Intelligence Consultants. And my speciality was working with major corporates to “sell more stuff” using all the internal information available inside the company and any external information we could lay our hands on.

This is not a million miles away from Internet Marketing.

Indeed, we plan to build a data warehouse and business intelligence system that will leverage everything that we have ever done for our clients and tie in the whole internet marketing aspect so that our team has available to it the worlds best Business Intelligence systems for internet marketing.

In short, the vision is to create something that is the next big thing after the next big thing. The level to go to after the next level to go do.

That is what we are REALLY up to.

It is a vision that is in its infancy at the moment. And we will get there.

I am 110% confident that we will turn this internet marketing thing into a “highly tuned machine” because we have the best data models and the most experience at knowing how to use information to sell things to people.

I know there are others well out in front of us today. However, there is no one else out there who has the depth and breadth of experience that we are going to bring to the party to apply to the problem of selling things via the internet.

We will go up the learning curve of how things are done on the web as far as selling goes, and then we will make that available to our members over time.

We will crawl before we walk. But we will be running very fast in the not too distant future.

We are on a journey as “Family and Friends”.

And it is going to be an exciting journey!

Lastly, and I want to address this here in the public for all to see.

I am a public figure in the area of “Mens Rights”.

You see, I have this crazy notion that since women have demanded “equality” for about 150 years now I think we should give it to them.

The good bits AND the not so good bits.

I am an honest man of honour and integrity who stands for truth, justice and equality before the law.

In todays “Politically Correct” dystopia holding women “equal before the law” translates in to “you hate all woman and you are probably a rapist too”! LOL!

So, if you think that women should be held equal before the law for their crimes? And by that I mean, precisely, equal time for equal crime, just like women demand “equal pay for equal work”?

Then we are in 110% agreement. You and I will have no problems.

If you think, for some reason, women should be allowed to commit crimes with complete impunity just because they are women?

I would ask you as politely and professionally as possible to please not request to join our Internet Marketing Mastermind Group.


Because you will only be “offended” when our members express the opinion that women are to be held “equal before the law”.


Ok. Great!

So now you know a bit about me.

My linkedin profile is on the top right hand corner of the home page.

You have my business web site.

I am a pretty easy guy to find out about being such a public figure.

You can see that whenever I put my mind to something?

I am very, very successful at it.

This is why I can start an Internet Marketing Mastermind Group even at these very early stages and not be one little bit “arrogant” in doing so.

First in? Best served.

As you can easily find out about me?

I have done things in my life that no other man on the planet has done.

This group? This “Family and Friends”?

This is my next “project” to make successful.

If you want to join in on the journey? Jump on my email list.

If you want to pass on the offer? Thank you for your time.

If you are undecided?

Jump on the email list. Listen and learn.



Thank you very much for your time.

It is much appreciated.

I wish you a great day.

Until next time!

Best Regards


Note 2015-07-20. Since this video was made we have dropped Wealthy Affiliates as our recommended partner for hosting web sites.

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