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2015-02-22 Women are Pathological LiarsWelcome to your future my good man!

Thanks for dropping by!

Hi! My name is Peter Nolan.

I run what is going to be one of the most successful Internet Marketing Mastermind Teams in the world!

Right now we are just getting started. We are recruiting new members in to our team.

Because you are reading this blog entry? You have a chance to become a new member of our team.

We are not looking for just anyone to join our team.

Too many people do not work hard enough or conscientiously enough when they come in to Internet Marketing.

They are doing a “suck it and see” about Internet Marketing.

Their attitude is “I will give this a go and if it works out then cool, if not, no harm no foul.”

If you are of that mindset? Then you are not yet ready to become a member of our team.

It is ALL about mindset.

To be a member of our team you have to be willing to do what it takes, follow instructions, and work hard at making YOUR Internet Marketing business successful.

At the end of the day, it is YOUR business.

Not a play thing.

Further, and we are quite up front about this, our Internet Marketing Team will be a Multi-Level Marketing Team.

When you come in you will have a sponsor.

Your sponsor will likely have recruited you through his marketing program.

This web site is, of course, a part of my marketing program.

You know who your sponsor is because you will have “bought” something from him, even if that something is “free”.

However, if you have just stumbled across my site and you do not fit my profile of candidates? You can actually pick your sponsor from the team available.

We have men in our team who are willing to sponsor people from many and varied backgrounds and skill sets.

The sponsor you pick should be highly aligned to you.

You should have similar interests and similar goals for your Internet Business.

Your sponsor came in under me and you will come in under me or your sponsor.

Now…And I want to be clear…

We are not a “marketing hype” Internet Marketing Team.

Men who constantly chase after “marketing hype” make poor Internet Marketers because they tend to be off chasing the “next deal” rather than focusing and concentrating on THEIR business. A bit like chasing butterflies. We have all seen this, right?

And again I want to be clear. Your sponsor can fire you from the team for any reason he sees fit.

There is no appeals process…

No questions will be asked…

So your sponsor is very much your “boss” in the “old speak”. You might call them a “coach” or a “manager” in the new “politically correct speak”. However, I am an older man. I prefer the older words. The new “politically correct speak” words tend to pander to men and make them soft.

If you do not like that approach? We are likely not the right people for you, OK?

This Internet Marketing Team is not the team for “softies”. We are very tough on each other. We are very blunt with each other. We do not tolerate each other giving bad excuses for why something did not happen.

You will not be pandered to here.

You can think of our team as very much a sporting team. On a sporting team you are playing to WIN.

If you are a “I just want to participate” man? If you are a “I just want to have fun” man?

Please pass us on by and join someone elses team.

No hard feelings. No harm. No foul.

As you set up YOUR business and YOU learn?

You will recruit more people in to YOUR business any way you see fit.

You will be their “boss” or “coach” or whatever you want to call yourself. You will be able to give them access to a large array of resources we have as well as the resources of the organisations we work with if they buy in to those organisations products.


Now…You will get a lot of help from your sponsor and from the team in general.

However, it is YOUR business YOU are building. Ok?

When YOU start sponsoring people in to YOUR business YOU have to know enough about what YOU are doing to be able to handle YOUR team member. If YOU push YOUR team member on to one of the others in the team? I will not be happy about that. Ok?

At this point in the blog post you are probably asking yourself this question.

“Peter, why are you highlighting YOU and YOUR in red and putting it in caps so often?”

And that would be a GREAT question to be asking right now!

Why? Because I really want to make the point this is going to be YOUR business.

Not MY business.

Sure. If I sponsor YOU then YOU will pay me for my time and I will earn commissions on affiliate sales of products to YOU that YOU will need to buy and use for YOUR business.

I want YOU to make sure YOU are in this for YOUR future.

For the long haul, ok?

Who Am I Looking to Sponsor?

So, who am I looking to sponsor?

I am looking to sponsor two different groups of men in to my team.

  1. Young men in the region of 18 to 30 years of age.
  2. Men who are linked to me on linkedin or in the BI business like myself.


I am looking for young men who have realised this fact:

“If I want a job for life? The only man who is going to give it to me is ME.”

No one else is going to give you a job for life.

Not even me.

I can sponsor you. I can train you. I can be your boss. I can be your mentor. I can be your life coach.

However, at the end of the day YOU are responsible for YOUR life…and that is the sort of young lad I want to bring into our Internet Marketing Team. Ok?


I am looking for men who are linked with me on linkedin or who are in the BI business like me and who are thinking:

“Internet Marketing is a BIG deal and I want to get in on it via someone I know and can trust to guide me in the right direction.”

There are a LOT of programs out there and a LOT of charlatans.

I have established myself as one of the leading Business Intelligence Consultants in the world.

Our SeETL Software is the worlds most cost effective ETL tool.

Our BI4ALL data models are the worlds most cost effective data models.

We will be applying these technologies to our internet marketing stack.

Given my reputation in the BI Business and my list of achievements in that business I am expecting that my friends and colleagues who are in Business Intelligence will prefer to come in to the “wild wild west” of Internet Marketing via someone they know and trust rather than just go out there and buy into whatever is passing by without really knowing what that might mean.

Not all programs are created equal and some suit the situation of the individual better than others.

There is no “one right answer”.

So I propose to be something of a “consultant” to my fellow Business Intelligence Colleagues to listen to what it is you want to achieve to be able to recommend to you the best suit of tools and best approach for you to achieve what it is you want to achieve.

Call it “Consulting 101”. And I have been doing customer facing consulting since 1991!

Internet Marketing Consulting is not a million miles away from Business Intelligence Consulting which is why I think plenty of BI people will want to be on my team.


Why Sponsor Linkedin Connections?

I would imagine this is pretty obvious! LOL!!

The vast majority of my connections on linkedin know me from my Instant Business Intelligence business.

My reputation seems to have gone far and wide in the Business Intelligence area.

Even further than I had thought.

I recall being at a client and being introduced to the SAS Sales Representative as “Peter Nolan”.

She looked shocked and said: “Are you THE Peter Nolan?”

I answered with: “Well, I don’t know, who is this “The Peter Nolan” you are talking about?”

Her answer was: “A man by the name of Peter Nolan in Australia wrote the first edition of the SAS Data Warehousing Methodology. That Methodology has now gone world wide. It was great work. I was wondering if you were the Peter Nolan who wrote that Methodology.”

I said: “Sure, that was me. I had no idea it had been adopted all around the world though, that’s great!”

So. I guess my many years in the Business Intelligence Business has seen my name spread around as someone who knows what he is doing! LOL!

So, in the world of Internet Marketing, which really is the “wild, wild west” at the moment, I offer my clients and team members the opportunity to get recommendations on what works from someone they know and can trust.

You can be sure if I recommend something to you that I use it myself and I like it.

If I do not use it myself and like it I might suggest the product but I will not put the word “recommend” next to it.



Why Am I Looking to Sponsor Young Men?

So, you might ask why am I looking to sponsor young men in to their own Internet Marketing Business?

This might be a bit “politically incorrect” for you so if you have a soft stomach? Just skip this. Ok?

Young men are doing it tough today.

They are being heavily discriminated against.

Everyone knows it.

Yet no one will talk about it.

No one wants to tell young men how the world really is.

No one wants to help young men secure their futures.

In short? No one cares about young men.


I care.

If there is ONE reason why you, a young man, should join my team it is because I care about you when almost no one else does. Ok?

All the “government money” that goes to start businesses is given to “women and minorities” based on the false notion that young men of today had anything to do with any alleged “oppression” of people who are long dead.

Now…Dear Reader…

If you are in any way at all “offended” or “upset” that this is one of the reasons WHY I am recruiting young men in to an Internet Marketing Mastermind Team? To give them a path to create their future job for themselves beyond the reach of vindictive women and their governments?

If me saying that “offends” you in any way?

Then please do not join my personal team.

I will only constantly “offend” you in our team meetings and emails etc.

You can be sponsored by one of our other members if you wish.

I will not pander to, or entertain, the notion that young men are, for some unknown reason, to be lied to and misled so that they can be emotionally manipulated into a situation where they can be enslaved at the point of a gun and the threat of incarceration.

If it somehow makes you “upset” that me saying young men are entitled to know the truth about what is happening and are entitled to take the appropriate and proper precautions to protect themselves because the governments they pay taxes to do not protect them?

Then by all means please pass on by.

It is a big internet.

If you are a young man who knows and understands that these issues affect you?

If you are a young man who wants to do his best to secure his own future?

If you are a young man who is not “offended” or “upset” by plain facts and plain speaking about plain facts?

I am your man.

I would like to talk to you and see if you have got what it takes to be successful in this business.


With that?

I will wrap this up.

I am pleased you dropped by.

Think about what I have said.

For young men 18 to 30?

Your decision as to who you will choose as a mentor to get you in to the Internet Marketing Business is one of the most important decisions of your life.

Make it wisely.

For older men from my linkedin contacts?

There are plenty of charlatans out there just itching to relieve you of some of your hard earned.

My advice might save you a lot of time and effort as well as a substantial amount of money.

Oh…Just before you leave?

If you would like to go on to our auto responder to be sent out a series of emails that will tell you more about us?

Please just fill in the form below.

Thanks again for dropping by.

I wish you a great day!


For Men Interested in a Home Based Internet Business.


For Men Interested in Internet Marketing for Companies.


Best Regards


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