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Hello and Welcome to my website.
Thank you for visiting.

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...And thank you for visiting. 

The purposes of this web site are to:

  1. Provide a place for me to publish material that I have developed over the years with respect to data warehousing. I hope to put something back into the data warehousing business as it has been very good to me over the last 20+ years. Everything you find here is free. I am particularly hopeful of providing good pointers to 'beginners' whose employers cannot afford to send them to classes.

  2. Provide a place for me to have my own 'rants and raves' about the BI industry.

  3. Provide links to other sites I think are useful to data warehousing practitioners around the world.

  4. Provide a place for me to 'advertise' my experience and skills. 

    If you are reading this and have need of one of the most experienced BI consultants in the world feel free to drop me an email at


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I am currently available. I am collaborating with colleagues in developing data models and ETL software during non-project time.

If you have a project starting and would like to discuss engaging me for an extended period please contact me at


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